Windows Phone Tutorial: How to build & deploy Windows Phone applications

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  1. Vasu Jain

    Awesome stuff Vipul !!

  2. VipulTaneja@TWC

    Thnx Vasu..

  3. Mohan

    Nice article with detailed steps. Thanks for sharing.

  4. R0d0lF0x

    EXcelentes Tutoriales xD!

  5. Shivaram Krishnan

    good one is this available ad downloadable…

  6. leetst0ff

    This is the BEST introduction to WP7 app… EVER! Thanks!

  7. Steiner

    very easy to understand – bookmarked.

  8. Thanx for your valuable comments folks.. 🙂 Thanx

  9. vinayak

    nice post….very helpful in making windows application in my college

  10. owen lin

    is there a pdf file to download?

  11. Roshya123

    good post

  12. Sahaj Divu

    thnk you so much…

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