Windows Phone 7 Trivia and Tidbits

There have been several nice reviews about Windows Phone 7 on the internet. But here are some little things, trivia and tidbits you may want to know about Windows Phone 7.

What’s the Windows Phone with the…

  • Brightest screen. Samsung Omnia 7 comes with a 4 inch super AMOLED screen – prepare to be dazzled.
  • Biggest screen. HTC HD7 – better pop on your sunglasses, the HD7 can be viewed at any angle with the supplied kickstand.
  • Toughest screen. The screen for the Dell Venue Pro in encrusted with Gorilla Glass – meaning it’s hard as nails.
  • Loudest speakers. HTC 7 Mozart boasts booming basslines courtesy of Dolby stereo sound.
  • Slide-out keyboard. The Dell Venue Pro (when it arrives in the UK) will sport a cut-down QWERTY keyboard.
  • Option to sync over WIFI. So you want a phone that’s easy to back-up and sync your stuff to? Well you’re in luck my friend, ALL Windows Phone 7 handsets can sync wirelessly (without the need for cables).

Which is the Windows Phone that’s been…

  • Sculpted by lasers. The HTC 7 Mozart was cut from one block of aluminum. Now I bet you didn’t know that.
  • Endorsed by Stephen Fry. We know that Mr Fry has been pictured with a Windows Phone, but we can’t make out which one. Apparently he keeps it in a pocket next to his iPhone and Blackberry. That man loves his toys…
  • Under the thumb.The cursor on all Windows Phone 7 handsets handily floats above your finger (when correcting a text message or composing an email) so you can easily see what you’re doing.

Which version of IE does WP7 run?
Internet Explorer for the Windows Phone is a hybrid. It takes the best bits from both Internet Explorer 7 and 8 to make a new browser exclusively for Windows Phone 7.

Are the batteries replaceable?
Yes. All batteries on Windows Phone 7 handsets are removable and replaceable. So there will be none of this sending back to the shop malarky that we’re all used to.

Will there be updates available to this operating system?
Yes. The Windows Phone team plan to release the first update in early 2011. This will add copy and paste functions to the phone (with more to be announced). It is hoped all updates will be freely downloadable over the air (wirelessly) effectively doing away with the need to connect via PC/Mac.

Is there Mac support for Windows Phone?
All Windows Phone 7 handsets are Mac compatible. A Mac sync client will be available for iTunes shortly that will allow you to not only sync your phone to your Mac, but transfer music and videos too.

Can I use my Xbox avatar on my Windows Phone?
Yes. By signing into Xbox LIVE on your Windows Phone 7 handset you will be given access to Xbox LIVE Extras (essentially your Xbox dashboard on your phone).

How many Xbox games will be available?
There will be more games with Windows Phone 7 at launch than there were on the Xbox 360. So – that’s quite a lot then.

Can Windows Phone multitask?
In a word, yes. So if you want to play music when doing other tasks (writing a text, email or document, playing a
game on Xbox LIVE, browsing the web etc) you are free to do just that.

What about Flash support?
The Windows Phone 7 supports YouTube flash videos through a dedicated YouTube app.

What’s this Search button all about?
All Windows Phone 7 handsets have a dedicated Search ‘Bing’ button. To search the web just press the button and type your search query.

What is this Zune thing I hear so much about?
No it’s not Superman’s arch nemesis from the planet Zod, but instead think of it as Microsoft’s version of iTunes. Users can purchase a Zune Pass (credits) that allow you to download songs and movies from a library of hundreds-of-thousands.

Where can I play my purchases?
You are free to transfer your songs etc to any of your connected Windows devices (Windows Phone, PC, Xbox 360, Media Centre).

Is there a Facebook or Twitter app?
Yes. Even though the Windows Phone 7 OS relies heavily on Facebook integration there is a dedicated Facebook app available to download from the Marketplace so you won’t lose out on the full Facebook experience. So is the cas ewith Twitter app.

Can I try apps before I buy them?
Yep. Visit the Marketplace to browse, download and trial apps before you commit your hard-earned cash.

Sourced from MSN.

Know any more? Have questions? Do share!

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  1. TuneUp

    Thanks for sharing these interesting bits of trivia about the Windows phone. I’m really looking forward to seeing the final product and how it compares to its competitors. I do think it’s great that you can test any app before you commit to buying.Do you know if Microsoft is going to offer as many apps as the iPhone, Blackberry and Android?

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