Windows Phone 7 Tablet : “Not in process”

At an event in Singapore, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that the company is focusing on “Designing WP7 for Phones only” . This comment is squashed all the rumors doing the net and also disappointed all those who had expressed their idea for a  Windows Phone Tablet as shown below :

As a result HP is now ditching Windows Phone 7 OS , which was planned to be present in HP’s new tablet called Palm.



He also said that :

Every Windows phone, every Kin, is Microsoft branded. It’s not Microsoft produced, it’s not priced by Microsoft, the Kin is actually manufactured, produced by Sharp. But it’s advertised by Microsoft, it’s branded by Microsoft. Will we go further than that? No plans at this time.

However, it should be kept in mind that though it is being compared with platforms like Google’s Android or Apple’s iPhone, the latter two are tough competition!

Anything can happen in future . Lets wait and watch!

The author Vipul Taneja is a Microsoft Student Partner..

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