Windows Phone 7 Prices In India


  1. Heard (techEd India 2010) that the windows 7 phone screen size will be standard for all phones. Not sure still

  2. Its prices are higher than Iphone for sure..Since iphone is for 27 or 32 k , 25k would b better.. Plus you wont have any restriction of using it with only 1 service provider as in case of iphone..

  3. Windows Mobile phones have traditionally cost around Rs.15000 in India. Anything more than that is too much.

  4. c’mon…stop comparing to iphone…this one has better features like xbox live and windows os is open source…u could get any type of app on it…stay connected everywhere is a good move…

  5. #nikki, Windows os is not open source and more over you cannot get any type of app on Windows Phone 7, there is Windows Marketplace to get applications, just like iPhone’s AppStore. The bottom line is Windows will always be flexible when compared to iPhone OS.

  6. fake news…They are not going to launch any phone below the standard specification…Phones with carrier contract will cost much lower than their unlocked prices…
    see for yourself $199(45.54) = Rs ~10000

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