Windows Phone 7 : New Features in the bucket

Windows Phone 7 is expected to be the second largest Operating system in the Mobile Tier. The popularity and success of Windows Phone 7 is huge in the short span of time. If  IDC believes that it can be second largest operating system then I believe that it can be world’s largest system in next 3 years with the new features, most of which are expected to launch in the coming May 2011 and which will eventually change the rules of the game.


One of the most exciting new features in my opinion is Windows Phone 7 Support for Kinect for XBox 360.

Here are the new game changing features:

  • Multitasking: Windows Phone 7 will have “Multitasking” support which will make this operating system very powerful. I guess it will be utilizing the resources in a more efficient manner. This will be supported by faster application switching and background agents.
  • IE9 and HTML 5.0 support: The browser which we use today in our phone is a hybrid of IE6 and IE7 which restricts the capabilities and degrades the performance of online games as well. To enhance your Web experience , windows phone 7 will support both IE9 and HTML 5.0.
  • Runtime and Framework Enhancements: There will be around 1500 new API’s and the support of Silverlight 4, access to new sensors, on-device SQL CE database. Currently, Windows Phone 7 doesn’t support any relational database so making better data oriented apps will be easy.
  • Socket Support: You will see support for various other protocols which go beyond http. This will allow the networking communication to enhance tremendously.
  • New emulator: New emulator will give you access to accelerometer and GPS location data. I am really excited to know how the emulator will support these devices. With this new emulator, need for developer phone will be reduced significantly.
  • Better Market Place experience: It will have an improved design with panes and more panoramas, a better search experience with autocomplete queries and search results grouped by app, music, or games sections. A new jump list and a soft-search button will make it easier to find installed apps on Windows phones.
  • Enhanced Developer features: It will have New Beta and Private Distribution Services and App Life cycle tab will show more details about the certification status of apps, performance indicators of apps, XML reports etc will help the developers to a great extent in understanding the market and capabilities of his apps.
  • Live Agents will run in the background and deliver real-time updates to the Live Tiles, such as Push Notifications and Deep Linking.
  • Microsoft is allowing developers access to the camera stack
  • Developers will be able to develop apps and games that take into not only the camera but also the gyroscopic and compass
  • Document sharing and storage in the cloud via Windows Live SkyDrive will be added to Windows Phone in the second half of 2011.

Other features will Windows Phone 7 have will be better XNA/Silverlight integration, Twitter integration with the People Hub, Support for Windows Live Messenger app, Availability on CDMA Networks, Office Document Storage in the Cloud, Support for Skype, etc.

If you all thought that was enough then hang on one more news is left!

The Windows Phone Marketplace will now be available in 35 countries. 19 new countries have been added to the list which includes India also.

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