Windows Phone 7 Games Hub prioritizes Xbox Live Titles

If you ask me  or anybody for that  matter  whats the USP of the Windows Phone 7?  The answer would be Xbox Live Titles! And why is that? A Few days ago Microsoft announced a Wide range of Launch Titles for Xbox  Live games for Windows Phone 7 at the launch, with more than 50 Xbox Live Titles at the Launch from publishers like Gameloft, THQ .

It’s quite evident that Xbox Live games are surely going to have an upper hand in the game titles as well as the prioritization in the games hub. Michel Klucher, Lead Program Manger XNA Development Platform at Microsoft,  recently talked about the Xbox Live and non Xbox Live game titles in the Games Hub.

“Any games whether they use the Xbox LIVE services or not are listed in the Games hub for Windows Phone 7. Games that do not use Xbox LIVE will be listed right below the Xbox LIVE enabled titles in your collection. All games can be pinned to the start menu just like any other content in Windows Phone 7.”

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So, the Games Hub as we all know will list all the games, the Xbox Live as well as the Non Xbox Live games in the hub. But when it comes to the order of listing, Non Xbox will be placed just below the Xbox Live titles in the Games Hub, just as shown in the above image. And all the games and apps can be pinned to the start menu .

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