Windows Phone 7 Design Resources for Developers

The UI Design and Interaction Guide for Windows Phone 7 has been updated for beta. With additional information and a new layout, this guide provides detailed information about UI elements and controls, UI system behaviors, and the interaction model for the touch interface based on the design system codenamed “Metro”.

Designers and developers should read this UI Design and Interaction Guide for Windows Phone 7 v 2.0, to learn about the do’s and don’ts of UI implementations for their Windows Phone applications.

Highlights for the v2.0 release:

  • Completely redesigned format to enhance presentation, readability, and highlight guidance more prominently
    • Layout, from left to right, on every page: image, general information in normal type, guidance in bold type
    • Use of color highlights per section
    • More visible page numbers
    • Formatted to support a hard copy version for RTM
  • Added new content to support beta release of the Windows Phone Developer Tools
  • Re-wrote much of the original content to normalize tone and voice
  • Reorganized content into four sections: Metro design philosophy, overview of phone UI and features, application interface controls, and miscellaneous

Version 3.0 would be released to coincide with the RTM of the Windows Phone Developer Tools.

Adding to the release cheer, Microsoft has also updated the Design Templates for Windows Phone 7. These are a collection of 28 layered Photoshop template files and system fonts that can be used to create pixel-perfect application layouts, to help guide UI development, or to pitch an idea.

These design templates showcase many controls that are a part of the Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta. They also include examples of controls that are a part of Windows Phone, but are not available as a part of the Windows Phone Developer Tools.

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