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What makes Windows Phone 7 the best smartphone for Business Users

Windows Phone 7 is a different kind of phone designed to bring together what users care about in an easier and faster way. Enterprise users will experience the best-in-class productivity through Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office Mobile, and provides interface for applications that can work across the phone, web and PC.

Windows Phone 7 consists of numerous enhancements in the user interface, design, and software platform which tends to meet some of the most important needs of your organization such as, enabling business users to stay connected to information that is important to them, to each other, to their customers, and to their business associates. There are three primary areas around which Windows Phone 7 provides enhanced access to key information and data; email, contacts, and calendar.


With Microsoft Outlook Mobile 2010 pre-installed on Windows Phone, users can sort, scan, and manage both work and personal email with ease. Some of the key email enhancements on Windows Phone 7 include:


Windows Phone 7 introduces several changes to the way contacts are displayed and accessed:

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Windows Phone 7 puts all personal and work appointments on a single easy-to-navigate screen. The new calendar enables users to:

Microsoft Office Mobile

Windows Phone 7 is the only phone with Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 built-in. It integrates the powerful Microsoft Office tools that your users are already familiar with, at home and in the office. On Windows Phone, these applications are designed to deliver a great experience, enabling users to breach location constraints and stay productive so they can view, edit, share, and sync Microsoft Office documents while on the go.

The Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 suite consists of Word Mobile 2010, Excel Mobile 2010, PowerPoint Mobile 2010, OneNote 2010, and SharePoint Workspace Mobile 2010. Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 offers several features that help improve productivity.

For more information on Windows Phone 7 for Business, download  Windows Phone 7 Business Productivity Guide from Microsoft.