Windows Phone 7 beats BlackBerry Torch hands down in Browsing Experience

RIM announced the newest berry in town a couple of days ago and is all set to hit the mobile phone market. Along with the new Blackberry Torch, RIM also launched the Blackberry O.S. 6 . The  newly launched Torch is also powered by the Blackberry 6 and they claim that it gives a great internet browsing experience  for the users who make use of the mobile device for surfing the web on the go.

Well if Blackberry thinks that this is the best they can do as far as the browsing experience is goes, then I guess they still have a lot of things to cover still.

In a recent event hosted by Engadget named the Engadget Show, Joshua Topolsky tested both the Phones, that is the, Blackberry Torch and a prototype of Windows Phone 7.

Even the unfinished unit of Windows Phone 7 was good enough to beat the hell out of the Blackberry torch in the browsing experience, even though the Blackberry was using the 3G services while the Windows Phone 7 prototype was running on a Wifi connection.

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Checkout the video uploaded by WMPU on YouTube which covers the show and compares Blackberry Torch with Windows Phone 7.

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