Windows Phone 7 app : Droppy Pop

Windows Phone 7 has given a lot of buzz to the cell phones market since it was announced. This can be proven from the fact that Windows Phone 7 was considered as 4th most innovative product of the year! Also Windows Phone 7 is not available in the market yet and still theĀ  internet has been flooded with lots and lots of Windows Phone 7 apps all ready!

I recently came across this application with a funny name “Droppy Pop”. Droppy Pop is a Windows Phone 7 game by Spritehand where you control a rag doll which is falling through an endless sky of balloons. The purpose of the game is to pop as many balloons as you can for points while avoiding the bombs and baddies along the way.

The Windows Phone version of this app is not out yet , but the Silverlight version can be played here .

I have been developing some apps for Windows Phone 7 and most of the apps are being developed in Silverlight.For learning more about how to build basic applications for Windows Phone 7, you can check out this tutorial series.

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