Windows Phone 7: A Teaser of things to come!

An invite-only press conference at Redmond by the Windows Phone team, followed by handing over developer preview phones to some journalists, followed by third-party developers who are building WP7 applications. That was enough for Techmeme to go overboard with the reviews, videos, and opinions all across the Web!

Within the echo, there seems to come along exhaustive and definitive reviews, and finally Windows 7, with all the gushes and the wows it’s received as yet, would be in the hands of folks who make devices more awesome to use – Developers. No, wonder the case of the developer phones has a ‘developers, Developers! DEVELOPERS!!‘ written on one side (Remember Steve Ballmer’s, now legendary, developer chant?).

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After the official launch announcement at Mobile World Congress in February 2010, little details have trickled out in a handful of private demos and developer events like MIX10. Twice I’ve had the opportunity myself to get a walkthrough of a preview device – once at TechEd India 2010 in a private lunch with S.Somasegar (Senior Vice President, Developer Division, Microsoft) and some MVPs from India – and excuse the fanboy cliche, it blew me with the subtle and very thoughtful features and experience.

Note that the Samsung device reviewed is just a reference hardware, and would not be available for retail. These were custom ordered by Microsoft for the purpose and Samsung used the enclosure of a former Symbian phone, the Omni HD i8910.

That said, the guts of the phone are close to official WP7 specifications.

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