Windows Phone 7 – 4th Most Innovative Mobile Product of 2010

Laptop Magazine  has chosen Windows Phone 7 to be one of the Most Innovative Product Of Year 2010.

Its great a great boost for Windows Phone 7! The product is considered to be innovative since it has been built from scratch and redesigned. This is what Laptop Magazine had to say about Windows Phone 7 :

Reinventing yourself isn’t easy, yet that’s what Microsoft did with Windows Phone 7, its slick new mobile operating system. Microsoft took its aging, stodgy Windows Mobile OS, reserved mainly for business users, and built something new from the ground up. The end result: an intuitive new platform that pushes the user—instead of apps—into the limelight. For example, Live Tiles are squares on the main screen that show constantly updating information, such as friends’ social network statuses, that you can move around. In addition to its compelling panel-based interface, Windows Phone 7 packs a full Zune player and can play Xbox Live games. Plus, key apps such as Facebook and Pandora will be easy to access without having to jump in and out of dedicated programs. Look for the first of these phones around the holiday season.

The first three positions have been taken by Apple iPad, HTC Evo 4G & Intel Core CPU’s. You can check the complete list of winners here.

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