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Windows Password Recovery Software Giveaway

We have seen how to recover lost or forgotten Windows password and regain access to a computer, using Windows Password Reset Disk or other freeware tools like OphCrack or Offline Password & Registry Editor. But this process is a bit tedious.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use software which will help you reset your Windows password easily and efficiently, you might want to check out iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery. Unfortunately, this Windows Password Recovery is not free and costs around $20. But we are fortunate enough to be able to give away 10 licenses of this easy-to-use Windows Password Recovery software.

This professional program allows you to reset passwords of all administrator and user login accounts on Windows 7, Vista, and XP. It is truly powerful, yet very simple to use. It would definitely be good to have this software handy, just in case you were to forget your Windows login password someday!

Feature snapshot:

  1. Reset Windows password for Admin and any other user account
  2. Remove lost Windows password without reinstalling the operating system
  3. Recover Windows password securely without any data loss
  4. Supports CD, DVD or USB drive to reset Windows password
  5. Supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.

To win a copy of  iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery all you need to do is follow or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, AND share this post on your favorite social networking site and post its status URL here. The more you share, the more your chances of winning. If you are a member of our TWC Forum, you may post your Forum profile URL here. The giveaway will remain open for 10 days, and the licenses will be forwarded to the lucky 10 by me, soon after that.

Those of you posting a comment after logging in with your Facebook/Twitter accounts, please ensure that you have entered your email ID too so that I have access to it otherwise your comment and effort may go waste.  Two licenses are being reserved for those who do not use social networking sites.

TIP: If you are looking for a paid software to reset forgotten Windows passwords, read our Windows Password Key review.