Windows Live Profile Notes and Private Messages service discontinued

Windows Live users at some point of time must have experienced some spam comments in profile notes from strangers apart from its regular use. And with Windows Live adding new features and improving by incorporating Social activities, many of us might have even stopped using these Notes!

The same can be said about Private Messages in Windows Live too!

Now both these features of profile Notes and Private Messages have been discontinued by Microsoft. And I welcome this move!

If you go to you’ll see this message under Notes:

If you go to you get this message:

And similarly for Private Messages at !

As we can see, Profile Notes and Private Messages have been discontinued and at present one can just view the earlier messages and Notes, but can’t add any new one. And this will be available till May2011, so if one wants they can archive the contents.

With the passage of time users have moved on to new alternative options made available by Windows Live in this evolving world of online communications and social interactions.

Now you can connect to lots of various Services and get all your social updates in one place within Windows Live.

This change will surely reduce the spam one used to get under Profile, which was a frequent Spammers target.  Similarly Private Messages can be better sent using Messenger or using Hotmail.

Thanks to Paul Elliott, Lead PM, Windows Live Profile experience for clarifying and confirming about this.

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