Windows Movie Maker and Photo Gallery work smarter together !

You must be using the new Windows Live Movie Maker for making great movies, in the easiest possible way. It has lots of transition effects with tons of pan & zoom options, various visual effects and more!


It also has the option of the AutoMovie themes.  Click the theme you want to use, and everything title, credits, transitions, effects etc will be automatically added. It’ll also ask for Music to be added.


That’s all fine. But this post is about how smart Movie Maker becomes when you also use Windows Live Photo Gallery.

So when all your Photos are imported from your camera or mobile phone into Photo Gallery for editing, organizing and sharing, don’t forget to tag them.


The Photo gallery has face recognition  feature to help you identify and tag people in your photos.


If you are not seeing the ‘Tag and caption pane’ , on the View tab > click the ‘Tag and caption pane’ and then select a photo. If the photo contains people tags, they will appear. If an untagged face is detected, click Who is this? to add a people tag.


The Photo Gallery is so intelligent that the more people tags you add to your photos, the better Photo Gallery gets at suggesting tags and you can confirm it. So you train the Photo Gallery  first with manually adding People tags to the photos and then it starts suggesting .


There’s also an option of ‘Batch People tag’ where Photo Gallery will compare people tags you’ve added to other faces in your photos and it’ll show all the photos of that person so that you can confirm the batch. I’ll post about it in detail later  in a separate post.

After adding the People tag, also add Geotag manually or  it’ll be added if your camera has geo-location feature. Also add captions to photos. Why I’m saying this is because these metadatas will be taken from these photos of the Photo Gallery and will be used in Movie Maker. That’s how the combination of Movie Maker and Photo Gallery will be smarter.

Actually you can create movies from within Photo Gallery itself, after selecting the photos  you can click on ‘Movie’ in Create tab.


This will open up the Movie Maker where you can continue to edit them . Now once you create the movie with some AutoMovie themes like ‘Contemporary’ or ‘Cinematic’  (These are my favorites) and preview them you can see all the cool effects added automatically and Captions on each photo with nice effect at bottom of photo.

And the coolest part is at the end of the movie it knows who directed the video and adds your name along ‘Directed By-‘. For this you have to be signed in to Movie Maker with your Live ID from the option at top right of Movie Maker.

Next, because of the facial recognition tags which we had added earlier to our photos it knows who all are starring in the video and shows all the people in the Movie against ‘Starring – ‘ . Then it adds the Location because of Geo-location tag along with ‘Filmed on Location – ‘  And all these are added automatically and you don’t have to type . It takes advantage of the metadata  provided earlier with our photos. And that’s how Movie Maker and Photo Gallery works smarter together.

Give it a try ! Create a Movie and check for yourself how cool,  smart and intelligent the New Windows Live Movie 2011 is. Its like magic adding all the caption, Directed By, Starring , Location of Filming automatically. Don’t forget to tag the Photos before in Windows Live Photo Gallery.

If you haven’t yet downloaded  get it now, its FREE ! And they are part of Windows Live Essentials which contains more such cool apps.

You might also find these links to be of help:

…And if you don’t like this new version, you can always get the old Windows Live Movie Maker back in Windows 7!

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  1. lehenryjr

    One of the biggest issues with Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 is the codecs. Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 only supports the video formats if the codec is installed on the operating system; this is causing BIG issues with a lot of customers.

    Like FLV; Natively, and officially, Windows Live Movie Maker doesn’t support importing FLV; that’s why it surprised me so much! Everyone else is preaching how it the FLV files have to be converted to AVI first.

    Here’s the supported file types for Windows Live Movie Maker…

    I was able to import a FLV file right in to Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 and not have to convert it— it just worked.

    I hope this helps…

    Until next time,
    Larry Henry Jr.

  2. ^ Thanks for your inputs, Larry!

  3. Thanks Larry for the tip !
    Yeah, as such WLMM will not support formats other than provided in the list, unless you add new codecs as you have installed FFDshow
    btw , I think you have missed to provide link for FFDShow in your post.

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