New Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 Tips and Tricks

Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 Beta is out and available for download now!

Windows Live Essentials includes the Windows Live Messenger. Here are a few basic tips & tricks to help you get started!

1) To turn it into Compact view: Click on the top-right side corner button to turn Messenger into compact view.

This is how it will look now!

2) Appear offline to ONLY one of your friend: Till now you were able to keep you status offline to avoid interaction from some of your friend, but now you can set your status to offline for the contact you want.

Just right click on contact name and choose “Appear offline to this person”.

3) Know more about your friends: Wan’t to know what your friend is recently doing in his social network, than just right click on its name and choose “View Social Updates”

4) Disable ads from Windows Live Messenger:Whe you hover your cursor over the ads which appear at the bottom, they may just expand to cover the whole Messenger screen, which is quite irritating!

If you want to disable these ads, go to System32\Driver\etc folder and take full control of Hosts file. Open it and add the following line in it. Save it.

That’s it!

5) View message History: If you don’t remember where did you left your conversation last night with your contact than click on File > “View Message History”.

What do you think of Windows Live Messenger Wave 4? I just love it!

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