Fix: Windows Live Mail Error 0x8DE20003 or Server Error 3204

If you are unable to send or receive mail or access while using Windows Live Mail on your Windows 8 or Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro, you may want to read this article further. Microsoft has released a Windows Live Mail Diagnostic Fix It solution that will allow you to resolve this issue.

Windows Live Mail Diagnostic Fix It

Windows Live Mail Error 0x8DE20003 or Server Error 3204

If you are using Windows Live Mail to access and experience one of the following:

  1. Error: Server: Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8DE20003
  2. Unable to Sign in or access mail. (, MSN, and Live Mail)
  3. Email address is removed for privacy or Server Error: 3204.

You can download and apply Microsoft Fix it 9833174 from KB2842520 to your system. The wizard may be in English only; however, the automatic fix also works for other language versions of Windows. Once you have downloaded it, simply click on it to run it and follow the wizard.

If required, will also help reset Windows Live Mail DeltaSync settings. In case you did not know, DeltaSync is the proprietary Microsoft communications protocol for synchronizing web services with offline clients.

Many users have been facing this issue as is evident from the questions posted on Answers. It was probably due to this reason that Microsoft released this Windows Live Mail Diagnostic Fix It to make it easy for users to fix this problem.

Ever since Microsoft started developing and releasing Fix Its for users of their software, for fixing coming problem, things have gotten very easy for users. All it takes to resolve such problems is to download the Fix It or the ATS and single-click to apply the solution.

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  1. Assaf

    Cool – solved my problem

  2. Rebecca

    Thank you. =) I can access my emails again! =)

  3. Becky Bettany

    THANK YOU! So simple but I can access my email again. Just thanks!

  4. Bibi Jacobs

    Thank you so much for your solution.
    It’s working again after 1 week trouble with my mail server error 3204!
    God bless you!

  5. Miled

    thank you. it worked. I think this error is being made on purpose by the WLMail producers

  6. woof

    very good fix, thanks

  7. Ronan

    Fixed the problem in less than 10 seconds. Very much appreciated!

  8. Rick

    Worked perfectly

  9. Howard

    Thank you very much this has been a 2 day task.

  10. Mattias Persson

    Did not work for me :/

  11. Torsten Eilers

    same problem in windows 10 now, does not work for me

  12. Frank

    I still have the problem.
    I cannot receive mails because of the error I have since I download Windows 10 (Windows 7>Windows 10).

  13. Roxie

    I upgraded to Windows 10 and I still had the problem after applying the fix. What solved it for me was using my smartphone to open Outlook online and adding each of my accounts, one-by-one. I didn’t know it would work, but each time I added an account through Outlook online on my phone, my desktop Windows Essentials emails would come alive again! I hope this helps someone else as well. Just make sure you know the passwords if you have multiple accounts.

  14. Len

    Sorry, did not work. Still can’t get mail from second MSN account.

  15. peggy

    This worked for me… Thanks!

  16. Bill

    live mail error 3219 cannot send/receive emails

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