Windows Live Hotmail Calendar embeds 5 days weather forecasts


  1. I do not have an option to activate this; is this specific to certain browsers or has it not been rolled out to all accounts?

  2. No, this update is not rolled out yet. It’ll not be browser specific, can be accessed from any browser(new versions) once its available.

  3. YEah, Nice… IF I LIVED IN REDMOND, WA… even now, a year later. When are they going to get weather for the rest of the country? There are a LOT of weather services, and if Microsoft can’t provide weather for my zipcode, they shouldn’t provide a foolish feature that can only be used by MAJOR cities. They’ve been lax at this sort of thing for quite a while… in their other city news or whatever. They need to ‘flesh out’ these features if they want to be taken seriously. I don’t live in Redmond and yes, I can turn OFF their weather… thanks. Woohoo. (yes, i’m aggravated)

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