Windows Live Family Safety vs Apple vs McAfee vs Norton OnlineFamily

We have seen a comparison of  Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Photo Gallery vs. iPhoto vs. Picasa, Comparison of various Application Suites in Windows Live Essentials vs Apple iLife and Windows Live Mail vs Thunderbird vs Yahoo Zimbra.

Now lets see one for Windows Live Family Safety vs Apple vs McAfee vs Norton OnlineFamily!

Family Safety Comparision Chart

What do you think!?

Family Safety in Windows 8 is a perfect example of Microsoft’s seriousness about the security and safety of its users. With Family Safety in Windows 8, the monitoring of child and other Standard user accounts is like never before. You can now get more detailed reports about the user activities and have more control over the user account.

With Windows Live Family Safety filters which you can download for free, you can choose websites, games, and programs your children can access. You can even set time periods when they can use the computer.

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    please fix Safe search mcafee does have it

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