Windows Live CoolHotmail leaves its users in the lurch!


  1. I am not able to access for the past 1 month .I have important mails in that. when can I access my mail?

  2. my important mails are stuck and cant receive any msg’s.. :@ and cause of this i cant get my code for my FB account.. 🙁 need help..

  3. Man this really scuks, MS is being too irresponsible by leaving its users helpless in such an annoying condition come on guies got to do something or it could happen with other operators as well

  4. Really how irresponsible these MS people could be. Atleast they could notify us abt the issue some earlier so that we could hv taken out our imp mails forlders anywhere else.I hv important documents/credit card details stuck up thr.

  5. I am able to access my emails. ( ) but I’ve stopped receiving emails on the account(only newsletters I subscribed to) since 10th sept.

  6. I have 2 Coolhotmail Ids. One of the account i’m unable to access and other doesn’t receive any mails. Even if i send it from my other domain IDs.
    Any idea how long its gonna be this way?

  7. never ever use hotmail imp mail are gone.
    iam not able to access it
    You don’t have an inbox…yet wt is that…………..

  8. I’m searching for a job and have published my coolhotmail id in my resume. Now all the recruiters trying to contact me are getting pissed off. If MS can’t deliver, why promise in the first place? I think hotmail and other MS services should never be used.

  9. no im not still able to access my inbox..till last week was not receiving any emails nd from monday its says you dont have an inbox yet…

  10. I’m not able to access my cool hotmail id from August 2010 🙁 Very upset as I’ve got very important mails. Is there any way outta this trouble? How can Microsoft do this?

  11. i am not able to access my inbox yet, and this guy wrote,

    “Windows Live Jomary M”
    This issue is now resolved.


    it isnt resolved man, we need access to our inbox, i even cant access my skydrive as i have alot of data in it, any advice for accessing SkyDrive?

    hope this issue resolved as soon as possible.


  12. this was not expected from hotmail. i guess that all the big campanies(eg. Tayota, Beatley , lehmon brothers etc & forgive me if the spelling are wrong) are having some trouble. i hope they overcome it sooon. and Hotmail give us our inbox back please!

  13. my important mails are stuck and cant receive any MSG.. :@ and cause of this i cant get my code for my Facebook account.. 🙁 need help..

  14. The worst and pathetic service you can say. And i feel there is no chance of getting the mails reactivated. Its already been 6 months my emails have stopped and funniest part of it is Windows live team have recorded statement to convey “We are aware and will get back to you soon”……

    forget it and user should stop using windows product only that is the way to make them realise……….

  15. guys…4 heavens sake…do NOT try to log in through any of the ways as prescribed in the comments…(no offence plz karthik and kevin) they MIGHT be traps to get ur mail id and password…
    k..dat m8 sound quite obvious bt still..if any would hav thought of loggin thru those accounts..think twice..u r at stake… 🙂
    just wait till microsoft resolves the issue.. neither you nor r v sure of the problem..they must b workin on it…atleast u can expect it to be better than suresh kalmadi’s work!! 😀




  17. Surprisingly all this time I was not aware of any such problems. I have a coolhotmail iD which is my primary mailbox and I have used it since the inception of CoolHotmail since 2007 itself. I never have had any inbox problems or anything over the past 4 years at all! It is when I decided I needed to check on updates on CoolHotmail IDs that I found this post. I’ve been one of the luckier ones I guess considering I never suffered a problem.

  18. I logged it in now (just to check).. and its working now … but lost all my old emails .. !!

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