Windows Live CoolHotmail leaves its users in the lurch!

Way back in Sept 2007, Microsoft had launched a unique service in India, where users could get unique customized Live Hotmail id’s. There were around 250 very cool domains under five groupings ! You could get individualized cool Windows Live Hotmail IDs ! They could be based on where you live or on your favorite stars or those which best describe your traits!

Although this started off, being offered in Indian flavors only, Microsoft was expected to introduce such, in other regions too. The options ranged from to, and were divided and listed under several categories.

Till a few weeks back if one signed up your account through one  was either unable to receive e-mail or prompted with “You don’t have an inbox…yet” error message when signing in to your account.

But it appears that since the last month or so has been down! This is causing the users immense hardship, as many have important mail stuck there!

The issue with CoolHotmail appears to be the annual license renewal war between Microsoft and the various domain hosting companies.

CoolHotmail users are pleading: “Just give us the access to our inbox so we can at least take our important email!

One irate users says: “I understand from one such host that it is not going to be sorted out.  That is how MS leaves us all out in the limbo.  We should have been cautioned about this possibility when MS launched coolhotmail.

Microsoft has stated that it is aware of the issue and is working on it: “This is currently a known issue and our product group is aware of it. We will update this thread once there is an information about the resolution of the Coolhotmail domain issue.”

The forum thread on Windows Live Help has surprisingly been locked by a Moderator,  a few days back, and users now have no where else to go for help!

Users are anxiously waiting for Microsoft to find some way of letting them access their mail box, in some way or the other!

Any CoolHotmail users here?

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