Windows Photo Gallery and Movie Maker features

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  1. Ungureanu Cristian

    does not work in windows 8 . It says that MovieMaker.exe-Entry point not found

  2. Vasudev

    May be your Windows Essentials is corrupted (Download the offline installer again, maybe using a download manager.) or a program file in Windows is corrupted causing the issue.

    If the prog corrupted is in Windows, run System file checker to troubleshoot missing or corrupted Windows file.
    sfc /scannow from command prompt.

    Also uninstall earlier ver of Windows Live Essentials then install this ver.
    Just installed it on Windows 8 , works fine ! Pl try the offline installer if u hv used web installer. Also make sure your .NET 3.5 is upto date.

  3. Ungureanu Cristian

    I installed earlier ver of Windows Live Essentials and this problem persist but only for Movie Maker.

  4. Kc1127

    In WPG2012, the “Face detection and recognition” option DOES NOT STOP it from “looking for people tag suggestions”……. WTF!!

  5. Vasudev

    For those facing problem with Movie Maker 2012, try the new update, it might solve the prob, if its graphics rel: as it has now added support for DirectX 9 graphics hardware on Windows 7. Get the offline installer and install.

  6. Iris Jumauaycuaycong Villanuev

    How to Download ?

  7. dongph

    don’t have random animation.

  8. Gary

    Thanks ! installed windows 7 pro.. photo gallery and movie maker..

  9. Sanket Rathod

    Works perfectly with my Win10-64bt. Didnt much like the stock editor that comes with Win10. Thanks.

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