Windows Error Lookup Tool helps you understand Windows error codes

Truth be told, many of us stumble upon different error codes while working with the Windows OS. At times, the error codes are thankfully descriptive enough to make some sense – as is the case with most Blue Screen error codes. But at times, you might feel bewildered seeing just the error code or an error message which does not make much sense. It is at such times that the Error Lookup Tool can help you look up various Windows error codes and translate them into comprehensible text description.

Error Lookup Tool for Windows

Developed in C/C++, Error Lookup is a minimal and extremely lightweight tool, yet immensely useful. With an easy to use interface, you can quickly get a hang of error description which can help you troubleshoot your issue.

The tool offers a straightforward UI that is easy to understand. You just need to go ahead and put in your error code and all the details will be flashed in the lower part. You can see the details like error description and their related system module.

Windows Error Lookup Tool

The program provides support for a broad range of error codes like your regular Windows errors, Task Scheduler Service, NTSTATUS errors, Windows Internet errors, STOP codes, BSOD errors, just to name a few.

You can also configure the tool to include/exclude any particular system module via File > Settings > System modules.

Windows Error Lookup Tool

Apart from this, you can configure the tool to insert a buffer on startup.

The software also supports a multitude of widely used languages, apart from English which is the default selection.

Error Lookup is a open source tool to translate and understand Windows error codes

You can download this tool from its official website here. The application is compatible with all versions – from Windows XP SP 3 to Windows 10.

You can choose to download either the installer file or a portable version. In order to activate the portable mode, you would have to create “errorlookup.ini” in the application folder, or move it from “%APPDATA%\Henry++\Error Lookup”.

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