Windows Club : I’m a PC Contest – Get a Vista Ultimate FREE!


  1. I’m a PC because Apple ripped me off and I will NEVER buy another Apple product!
    I’m a PC and happy to be FREE!!

    Details: I bought an Apple IIe and paid a lot of $$ for it way back when. Shortly thereafter, Apple introduced the Mac and provided NO upgrade path or discount for upgrading to Mac for previously loyal Apple users.
    I like the fact that PC users can buy hardware, upgrades and software from numerous vendors/sources, in addition to tons of FREEWARE. Competition keeps the prices reasonable.
    We are NOT at Apple’s corporate, greedy mercy…(Is there an APP 4 that?) LOL
    FREEDOM… it’s the American Way!!
    I’m a PC and happy to be FREE!!

  2. I’m a Windows Vista because I’m smarter and more reliable than the other guys.

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