Will Windows 8 Work for Business Users?

Windows 8, the name which is currently exciting techies all over – everybody is loving it’s specially designed Metro UI for tablets. But the question which I going to answer here is that, for a business user, how beneficial will Windows 8 prove?

Well, I am not going to upset the loyal business user of the Windows operating system who have been using Windows since they started their career. From Windows 98 to Windows 7 you have seen the familiar UI. Windows 8 will offer a revamped Touch UI. But it will also provide you your familiar Windows comfort and give you the option to revert back to it, if you wish. With Windows 8, the Lounge will be revamped with new and enhanced features, keeping in mind all the basic things which you like most about Windows.

Windows 8 will work with your today’s hardware and  your existing client management infrastructure. It will help IT pros to keep their systems running in pristine and secure condition.

Advantages for a business user of using Windows 8 are:

Mobility and Connectivity on the Go

Using Windows 8, business users can anytime virtually get connected to content, devices, and people who are vitally essential for work and most importantly it makes connecting easier and offers flawless connectivity. Business users on travel, need not carry a Laptop or Tablet every time you travel. An encrypted USB can simply start your well-managed business desktop virtually, with access to corporate resources from any computer that has a Windows 8 running platform compatibility.

Direct Access will enable users to securely access resources within a corporate network – such as SharePoint sites, line of business applications, and file shares, without requiring the user initiated connection back to the corporate network.

Windows To Go

One of the best features of Windows 8 that completely removes the lengthier process of its installation is Windows To Go. This means it is not necessarily required to have Windows 8 on your PC as business users can use a bootable USB storage device containing a copy of Windows 8, along with their business apps, data, and settings. Once you are finished with what you need to do, you can just log off and remove the USB device, keeping your data completely safe leaving no data or information behind.

Hassle-Free Access to File Information

According to this feature, IT pros can create and maintain vigorous, organization-based access policies for files, folders, or shares.  All these are intended on the basis of configurable criteria, such as user roles, their departments, country or region, the sensitivity of the data being accessed, and the health of the device being used to access that data.

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Data security and management

Business data can be protected efficiently throughout the lifecycle of data creation, storage and access. Windows 8 powers the capabilities through which it can resist malware, as it possess a trusted boot-up process that automatically repairs drivers and reinforces policies and that too without interacting with the user.

In this improved Windows version the improved data encryption comes with an always-on data encryption mechanism, running in the background to make sure that data is safe even when the device is lost.


AppLocker is another data security tool which embeds enhanced capabilities that enable it to manage both desktop and Metro style applications. If required, IT pros can also create security policies that allows or denies the specific applications from being accessed by certain user or group of users.


Windows 8 offers BitLocker with number of improvements that helps in reducing the business risk of unauthorized data access.

Validate Boot Process

The capabilities of Windows 8 do not stop just at secured Boot process as it goes even beyond that as the startup processes are now signed, protected and measured. In order to prevent the rootkit or malware infection they are stored in TPM chip. Measured Boot is a comprehensive chain of measurements performed during the boot process by Windows 8 for TPM-based systems, which is then used to validate the boot process to prevent rootkits and other malware.

Client Hyper-V

While reimagining Windows 8, one of the best added features is Client Hyper-VClient Hyper-V is a limber, stout, and high performance client virtualization technology that allows IT pros and developers to run manifold operating systems simultaneously on their Windows 8 computer.

Resourceful Deployment

Windows 8 offers user-friendly and powerful tools to simplify image creation, testing, deployment, and activation. As a result IT pros can now deploy multitude languages in a single image, making global distributions easier to craft and manage.

Using Windows 8, business users can experience everything, which means personalized and seamless connections to people and information, helping  shield sensitive data from device, data center with pre-loaded malware protection, strong authentication and a data encryption feature too.

What you have to say about my views on Windows 8 for Business Users? Do you think the business user will embrace Windows 8 or do you think they will stay away from it!?

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Nitin Agarwal is an MVP alumni and a Pro Blogger. He was awarded as Most Valuable Professional for 3 times by Microsoft in Windows Expert - Consumer category. He is immensely inspired by Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and APJ Abdul Kalam.