Windows 10/8 Weather App – Features, Settings & Download


  1. thats all really awesome but how you do change the color of the tile from say a blue background to a black one?

  2. How to change Fahrenheit into Celsius in all this Don’t have such option …. Is this the Microsoft’s Project management …. They put some new tweaks and and leave bugs in it since it was windows 123, 95, 97, 98, xp, …. win8 and same things are happening again and again. Microsoft should be prosecuted and the money they have cheated be returned back to the people….These big Corporations sucking the blood of the people……

  3. Please clear your query. If you want to add various locations, please do it as shown above.
    From the Weather home screen, use your Mouse scroll button or the Horizontal scroll to scroll through for more details.

  4. I hope you are talking of this Weather App provided by Microsoft. In this, from the main weather screen, just right click to have the app bar at top & bottom as shown above. In the bottom bar, you’ll have the option to change from °F to °C

  5. I will take it by that response that you can not scroll through the locations with out returning to the home screen. That is not what I want to do.

  6. Is there any way to get the Hi and Low for the current day? I like to see how cold it got last night or what the high was.

  7. Yes , it does show High/low for the day. Its even shown on the Live tile on the Start screen. Turn the Live Tile on & set its size to medium/wide/large. And when you open the app, the high/low are shown for the next 10 days including the current day as shown in the above pics.

  8. My bing weather app is now green, I hate it, can’t find a way to change it. looking for a new app. I like bing but hate the color.,

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