8 reasons why Windows 8 Tablets will challenge iPad and grab market share

Windows 8 is one of the most discussed topic on the world wide web these days. Microsoft has already released a developer preview build of Windows 8 for the developer community to download and start working with.

At its annual Developer’s conference, Microsoft has given away 5,000 Samsung Tablet Computers running its Windows 8 to developers . If the reviews given by some of the developers are to be believed, Microsoft Windows 8 surely will revolutionize the Tablet Market.

Some of the features of Windows 8 which might eventually help it in grabbing most of the Tablet Market could be:

1. Microsoft has completely redesigned the User Interface of Windows 8 taking Tablet users and Touch Screens into consideration. Plus it was recently demonstrated that Windows 8 will boot up in 8 seconds and this tag will surely help to boost the sales of Windows 8 based Tablets.

2. Windows 8 has introduced a concept called Picture Password. Unlike the traditional login screens, you can now select a picture from your library and draw a particular pattern on top of it to log in. This concept provides better security as no keylogger will be able to trespass it.

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3. Windows 8 Start Screen contains Applications and Live Tiles which can be modified as per the need and requirement of the users. They can be pinned, rearranged and resized according to the will of the user.

4. Windows 8 features a highly innovated Start Menu which has been simplified up to a great extent and Microsoft has added “Charms” which accounts for Search, Share, Devices, Settings and Start functionalities. The Share Charm can be used to log in to Windows Live where a user can connect his Live ID to various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and almost every major social service.

5. The Touch Experience of Windows 8 is in a class apart. It also has a greatly improved on-screen keyboard which features larger keys and has a split mode which can be used in case a user wants to type with his thumbs.

6. The Internet Explorer 10 is also displayed – with a major change that the Address Bar has been moved to the bottom of the screen and tabs are displayed in a strip along the top edge of the screen.

7. Windows 8 has been built on the improved support for the various types of sensors like gyroscopes, accelerometers, and magnetometers of Windows 7. Thus, it has totally been redeveloped from the scratch.

8. Once people realize that they can buy a tablet which running the same winner operating system as their PC is running, viz Windows 8, they might be inclined to go for it, rather than buy a tablet with a different operating system and re-learn another OS, like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, etc.

Windows 8 will prove that there is more to Tablets than just an iPad!

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