Why Windows 8 Will Succeed!


  1. Will fail? Already has and spectacularly so! If Metro is its plus point then it really is in trouble. Maybe we don’t want to have to dig underneath all the things we’ve got going on to get back to the desktop every five minutes. We had Program Manager (and that’s all Metro is but with bigger icons!) in W3 and thought the new Start button and taskbar the best thing since sliced bread – we still do! Effortless multi-tasking, my eye! And we don’t all have X-Box, and we don’t all have touch screens, and some of us would just like to keep our Home computers at Home and haven’t bought into this Cloud malarkey so what’s Microsoft got to offer us? We bought into 95 and 98 and XP and W& because we could see something there for plain old home users. We didn’t buy into ME and 2000 and Vista because we couldn’t! Guess which category W8 falls into!

  2. you must be smoking something you realize how many people are switching to linux since windows 8 i have completely took google off every machine changed to incredamail and linux on 27 machines because of windows 8 it sucks its a piece of shit the whole company switched to linux we even have 17 boxes of new windows 7 we where switching to and never cracked the first one windows 8 and microsoft will not survive this crappy version 8.

  3. Even if I do respect your opnion, I do not see Windows 8 playing nice in a corporate environment as tablet as it is, everything is “under the carpet“, like Gnome and Ubuntu, and not so intuitive and friendly as the friendly GUI interface use to be in the previous Windows.

  4. Windows 8 will sell a lot of hardware. I see less upgrades of current machines but more sales with new hardware that takes advantage of the new OS. The Surface tablet looks nearly perfect with Windows 8. I’ll upgrade to it on my home PC, but judging from a lot of various comments around the web, I’m a minority there. Some people are going to wait and see how it plays out. 😐

  5. The start button (menu), is a small thing if you don’t use it, but all that Metro pictures crap is the biggest mess I’ve ever seen. I like Apple’s “Lion” icon view of all icons, similar to that metro thing, any size you want, call it up fast, goes away fast. Mark my words, if MS does not put the button back or we will use the new “Start8”, which is metro looking but so much easier to use, Win 7 will be the next winXP…

  6. hi, i would not have windows8 even if microsoft paid me, get real man, i can see a lot of people moving to linux.

  7. Windows 8 is pain in *ss. Even the unity interface of ubuntu is better. Windows 7 is best. But hey if microsoft will give me a free touch screen then maybe I will buy windows 8! XD

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