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Windows 8 will soon be made available to all. Microsoft has reimagined Windows and there are many things users will have to actually unlearn first before they can learn Windows 8. To help users get the feel of the new operating system quickly, Microsoft Press is releasing quite a few Books for learning Windows 8. One of the finest is Windows 8 Step by Step, a complete book that walks you through every detail of Windows 8. The Book has been authored by good friend Ciprian Adrian Rusen along with Joli Ballew, a Microsoft MVP for Windows.

Windows 8 Step by Step Review

Windows 8 Step by Step helps you learn and adapt to the new ways of working with Windows on your PC and touch-enabled devices. With this book at hand, you can learn how to customize your Windows experience with cool apps, Manage photos, movies & music, organize files and folders, store them in cloud and tune up or secure your system in best possible way.

The book has been published for those who are new to Windows 8 and its apps as well as for those who are planning to upgrade their previous versions of Windows OS to the latest version i.e. Windows 8. All topics and information pertaining to the new OS has been covered extensively. It will start helping you, right from the beginning – that is from how to install Windows 8 on your PC. It will also help you in exploring it to the fullest extent. The language used is simple to help users better understand a topic. Also, for exploring Windows 8, you will find a series of chapters that are well titled and nicely indexed.

The book has over 780 pages and covers the following topics:

  1. Understanding the new Start screen.
  2. Finding your way through the Windows 8 interface and all its novelties.
  3. Using the most important Windows 8 apps.
  4. Using the Windows Store.
  5. Gaming and connecting Windows 8 to your Xbox.
  6. Synchronizing your files and settings with SkyDrive.
  7. Managing your child’s computing activities with Family Safety.
  8. Securing Windows 8.
  9. Networking and sharing files, folders and devices from Windows 8
  10. Troubleshooting common Windows 8 problems.

Each chapter covers more advanced information and considerations. For example, the first chapter – Introducing Windows 8 explains to you:

  1. How to set up Windows 8
  2. Explore and customize the Start Screen
  3. Customize Live Tiles
  4. Access the traditional Desktop
  5. Work with Windows and apps
  6. Work with PC Setting and Control Panel
  7. End a computing session

So, in way all the important aspects that one needs to know and learn about the operating system, to be productive enough while using it, has been included. Each topic is self-contained and complete with all exercises. Still, for some reason if you need help remembering how to perform a certain procedure of this book, the following features have been provided to help you find it easily.

  • Detailed table of contents – Allows searching the listing of the topics and sidebars within each chapter.
  • Chapter thumb tabs – Easily locates the beginning of the chapter you want.
  • Topic-specific running heads – Helps quickly locate the topic you are searching for by looking at the running heads at the top of odd-numbered pages.
  • Glossary – Looks up the meaning of a word or the definition of a concept.
  • Keyboard shortcuts – Gets all the shortcuts in one place.
  • Detailed index – Looks up specific tasks and features in the index.

The book ends with a list of 20 useful tips and tricks that aims to help users improve their experience of Windows 8. So, if you begin now and work your way through all the exercises, you will gain enough proficiency to use Windows 8 to its fullest potential!

Windows 8 Step by Step will hold your hand and walk with you every step, as you learn how to use the new OS and unravel its features, secrets and beauty. It will make learning and using Windows 8 a pleasure! If you are planning to upgrade to Windows 8, this is one book I’d strongly recommend you consider buying.

Windows 8 Step by Step Book Giveaway

The Book costs $29.99 for the print version and $23.99 for the eBook, but we are delighted to be able to offer 5 copies of the eBook free to our readers, thanks to Ciprian. To win a license, simply share this post on any social networking site/s of your choice, and share its status URL here. If you do not use any social site, you may tell us in the comments why you think you deserve to get this eBook.

You may use the following format to share if you wish:

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Process for receiving Windows 8 Step by Step prize:

  1. The winners be selected by me randomly based on their comments and the email IDs forwarded to the author Ciprian.
  2. Winners will have to create an account on the O’Reilly Shop.
  3. The winners need to share the display name and the e-mail they used to register.
  4. O’Reilly will be contacted to add the prize into their account. This generally takes up to 3 working days.
  5. The winners will automatically be informed of the book being added to their account. The whole process may take up to 7 days.

The book will be shared in all digital formats, DRM free. They will get access, for free, to future updates of the book (e.g. errata’s being fixed) and to special offers on other books distributed by O’Reilly Media.

The giveaway will close after 10 days. If you do not wish to wait for the giveaway, but want to purchase a copy right away, head over to the authors site for more details.

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