Difference between Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro & Windows 8 RT


  1. I have been using Windows 8 and watch live TV via Windows Media Center. Now, I hear that it will be gone in the standard version. The only problem is that I can’t get other free media centers that play live TV to work with Windows 8, yet. The only solution for me is to run the beta until it expires or downgrade back to Windows 7 and hope for new features in Service Pack 2 and wait for a Windows 9 public beta. Although, I would upgrade to Windows 8 if I bought a Windows phone or Windows tablet. Going back to Windows 7 will be a relief as Windows 8 UI will work you.

  2. Excellent post. It will be useful to everyone who will be able to use this information, including myself. Keep up the good work.

  3. I am using ChrisTV app just fine. settings sometimes go wonky but now using release ver of windows 8 I have 8400 – Not missing a thing in windows 8 except the crashes so far :-*

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