Windows 8 Release Preview : Installation Methods and Screenshots

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  1. mmg1818
    SHA-1: 8bed436f0959e7120a44bf7c29ff0aa962bdefc9

    so ?

  2. John

    Hi, how big is Windows 8 installed? What are it’s hard drive requirement?
    Is in windows 8 winsxs folder? (Main reason why I’m still on XP)

  3. Vasudev

    Hard disk space reuirement as specified are 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit) .
    Yes WinSxS folder is there. If you are upgrading from XP, you can keep User accounts and files. But still I recommend you take up a complete back up if important files are there before upgrading as its a Release Preview. Or better for trying it out, do a fresh install on a PC oth than Production PC if you can spare one for just trying out.

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