Windows Reader: Windows 8 Built-in PDF File Viewer Features


  1. Um leitor de doc, xls e ppt embutido também seriam bem vindos, como no mac os x.

  2. The ability to create AND edit PDFs has been available since the first iteration of Mac OS X 10.0 (Cheetah) in 2001. Meanwhile, in Redmond… ELEVEN YEARS LATER MS gets with PDFs. WTF Microsoft?

  3. Why it lunched for first time in windows 8 then I get letter said: Call was canceled by the message filter. how can I make all the Apps of windows 8 worked for ever time.. I can use ( or test ) them for one time then no one of them can be opened… is it because of dimo windows or what ?
    please make an Item about this problem & tell us how to solve these problems.

  4. You’ll probably still want to install Adobe Reader because the Windows 8 Reader App does not provide preview handler support in Outlook.

  5. After I open the Reader I cannot get it off the screen to the applications behind. The obvious would be to press ESC but that doesn’t close the window. How to you get out of Reader?

  6. I can fill in forms on the Windows RT reader app, when I transfer the document to a desktop computer the information get mixed up and has to be re typed, I contacted Microsoft who advise it is an ASUS problem, ASUS has noted the comment and is looking into it, how long does it take? In the meantime I cannot fill in forms with the Adobe app?? Any suggestions?

  7. damn!! how can I switch reader to show in desktop??? I want to interact with other application for copy paste exercise!
    drive me mad!

  8. Where is Two Pages Continuous view?

    Now i can only choose if i want tons of wasted empty space to the sides OR over and under.

    I want to use the whole screen of course, since you are forcing me to view this on the whole screen instead of a window.

  9. when it ask do I want to open or save and I choose open it saves images on my computer and I can not delete them

  10. Is anyone else having a issue where it will only get files from ‘One Drive’? it used to let me but it does no longer.

  11. Hi all,
    Got a question: I used the windows reader to go through a book and at the same time I was highlighting all important points. When I quite and reentered the file, my highlights were gone? has anyone a tip on how i can find my highlight points?

  12. It is frustrating learning new OS systems… So – I read it somewhere and now can’t find it… how do you add content TO reader, like while on the internet to READ later… thought it was some kind of swiping thing. I really don’t like doing that… give me early arthritis… Thanks anyone who can help an ol woman! 😉

  13. 2 ways to close apps = either you have to HOVER at the right top and get an X. Or, again, the hovering… move to the top and then hold down the left button and slide down… like a shade. I don’t love all this… too much finger work. Hope this helps a little… I am a old newbie at this myself!!

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