Windows 8 inspired Ultimate Tile themepack for Windows 7 released

Windows 8’s mosiac and tiled UI seem to have inspired quite a few creative folks to release their work on the Internet. One such I came across on DeviantArt today is a full blown themepack for Windows 7 with red, blue, green, gray and yellow tiled wallpapers.

The download consist of 12 wallpapers. The are available for 16:9 displays and also for 16:10 displays. Also included with the 16:9 pack is a special Ultimate black themed wallpaper as well.

I did download and apply this themepack, and I must say that the wallpapers look pretty good. So if you like brights you might just want to head over to DeviantArt to download it. If you like a particular wallpaper, you could also extract them and use them.

Incidentally if you are looking for a more involved Windows 8 experience on your Windows 7, check out Windows 8 UX Pack.

This pack includes:

  • UserTile with current user/wallpaper auto configured on login
  • M3 user interface for installation/configuration
  • One-click installation/configuration
  • Windows 8 Aero Glass or Lite theme
  • Instant M2 and M3 wallpaper, logon screen customization
  • UxStyle memory patching.

You don’t need to modify any system files. You can also run this program again to re-configure or uninstall.

Best to create a system restore point first.

Windows 8 Transformation Pack for Windows 7 may also interest you.

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