Windows 8 : First Impressions Part 1

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  1. edee

    Just so I could confirm my thoughts, I decided to take the developer preview and install it in Virtual Box. Just as I thought, like I said before, other than the “Windows to go” feature there is really nothing special at all about 8. The metro UI is total junk and beyond ugly. Windows Explorer feels like MS Office , which I guess is to be expected, you had to know they would carry it over sooner or later.
    I’ll hang and wait for the beta to see what changes but right now I will not shell out a couple of hundred dollars for an OS that looks like puke, even if you can switch to the classic view which in any event would be a spiced up Windows 7. So why give Bill more of your hard earned money and why not just stick with what you have already?

    I cannot believe with all the geniuses they have in Redmond, Washington that this is the best they could come up with…..bleh! take a spoon and gag me!

  2. edee

    BTW, thats MY first impression and there are many many others if you look outside of the sponsored and non official Microsoft forums.

  3. Anthony Conrad

    Keep in mind that the Visuals are not baked yet… and Win 8 has a lot more advances other than just Visuals. Under all the windows and drapping changes there are major advances in the operating system. For example, the new task manager and I/O dialogs (e.g. copy & paste, move, etc).

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