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Google reminds Windows 8 users to ‘Get Your Google Back’

With Bing being the default search engine on Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10, would Google remain quiet? Google has launched a new website specifically directed towards Windows 8 users.

The website is an attempt to remind users Windows 8 users to not forget adding Google Search or installing Chrome browser on Windows 8. Google has developed and released a Google Search app and Chrome browser for Windows 8.

The Google Search app sports a clean user interface. It includes new voice search that lets you ask questions. The app is built for touch and swiping.

The Chrome browser comes with some customizations optimized for touchscreens and larger buttons.

The Bing Search app on Windows 8 is beautiful and many people have gravitated to using Bing as their primary search on Windows 8. Internet Explorer 10 is really fast and secure, as a result of which most Windows 8 users are expected to stick with IE10 as their default browser – hence the campaign, I suppose!

Head over to the website to have a look at it.