Windows 8 gets FlipToast Twitter Facebook client and more new third party apps

When users installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview, they were murmers aboy the new operating system not providing any Twitter client, as was done earlier in Windows 8 Developer preview. In Windows 8 DP, the Tweet@rama Twitter client was provided.

But now FlipToast has released a Metro app for accessing Twitter and Facebook in Windows 8; and it is now available at the Windows Store. FlipToast therefore becomes the first app to offer Twitter in Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

fliptoast logo)

To install FlipToast Twitter & Facebook client, Open Windows Store. Click on ‘New releases’.


I also noticed a new ‘Top paid’ category – although it doesn’t list any app there yet.

If you are unable to see the ‘New release’ option, click on ‘Top free’ and search for FlipToast. If you are unable to locate it still, then in the open Store, Press WinKey+Q and select Apps, and in search box, type FlipToast, You will now definitely see the app. Install it.

Let us see how FlipToast looks & some of its features. FlipToast is a basic Twitter client, but you can also access Facebook using it.

Screenshot (86)

After the installation, Open FlipToast and  click on ‘+’ from top right. Next click on ‘Accounts’ and then on ‘Add an account’ and configure your Twitter and Facebook accounts from here.


This is how it looks after configuring your Twitter account

Screenshot (113)

You will see your ‘mentions’ in the first column, then the timeline as Newsfeed Photos as 3rd column , then Inbox showing DMs in next column and next it displays some of its games & apps.

When you right-click on FlipToast, you get various options to Tweet (Update Status), Post image, Refresh, etc.


Right-clicking on any tweet provides its own set of options to reply, Retweet, Fav and View.


Overall it’s a simple, basic Twitter client. On the Start Screen the FlipToast is a Live Tile and it updates as your timeline


You can also configure it to access your Facebook account.

Apart from FlipToast, Windows 8 Store has few more new apps releases.


If you are a regular at Channel 9, then among them ia an app for Channel 9. This may interest you! This app lets you access all sorts of Channel 9 content, from the most recent to browsing back through past events, shows and series.

Give the apps a try now, and let us know your experience with them !

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