Windows 8.1 Update introduces new features and enhancements


  1. Love these upcoming updates. With the new CEO, comes a new direction. And I like the direction they’re headed. I see that Microsoft is giving users what they desire! And who knows, I may switch to window 8.1.

  2. I have 8.1 and I cannot get speech to text to work in any internet based program, whether it is Chrome, Facebook or a word processor. It works fine in computer based programs like windows and Word, any suggestions

  3. What I have as a huge problem, and many other people I know with Win 8.1 is a wifi signal that keeps dropping. I have other laptops, XP, Vista and Win 7 and their signal never drops. I sometimes run them alongside my 8.1 laptop and almost never do they drop a signal whereas whatever I do – and i have tried dozens of work arounds, Win 8.1 – like Win 8 before it just keeps dropping wifi signal. There are lots of complaints about this so I think whatever changes Microsoft makes, like a lot of people, I am going back to Win 7 just to get a stable work environment. Awful software with Win 8 after such a success with XP and Win 7.

  4. When I close a store app I now get kicked to the desktop, and unlike many, I like the start screen

  5. I had that option unchecked, so it should have gone to Start, I’ve discovered that unchecking the ‘Show Windows Store apps on taskbar’ fixes it.

  6. How can we change the hand tool instead of simple “Close and Minimize” option to close the apps???????

  7. The major problem with 8.1 is that Windows will NOT upgrade. I have tried to get help everywhere, to no avail, and it is a failure of Windows that cannot be fixed. I have even tried to find out how to reinstall Windows 8.1 hoping that would rectify the problem. If the needed upgrades are not installed it is not protecting our computers.

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