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  1. after installing the little update and restarting nothing happens, the store does not have the file neither does windows update. miscrosft was as always ill prepared for this release and have messed it up again.

  2. The people who already have got genuine windows 8 will avail free update to 8.1 final release or not? Please reply!

  3. I would like to know how to find Performance Information and Tools in Windows 8.1, and how to calculate and find the Windows Experience Index?

  4. yeah. you fucking think? fuckers remove performance information and tools. windows experience et al. + new tools in task manager DO NOT duplicate all of removed insight. wtg

  5. I just suggest you to search “ms key offer office” on Yahoo the get the product key , it’s quite convenient , thanks .

  6. I decided to purchase windows 8.1 do I install it from the DVD over windows 7 professional please, also what about the drivers

  7. Personally, I prefer to back up what I want, and then go for a fresh install, rather than an upgrade. Search for both options here, and you will get some information about each. The drivers will get automatically installed, so you do not need to worry much about them.

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  11. Nice stuff overall, After some days ago, I need to install latest
    Operating system windows 8.1 pro at my notebook, So I install with it
    from my DVD suit, But with getting its activation, I saw product key was
    I search at yours as well as many other sites to buy it but
    all were free & blocked from Microsoft. Then One of my friend tell
    me about ODosta Store
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  12. I have preinstalled win 8-64 bits on C drive of my computer. Can I install win 8-32 bits on other partition and how ??? As I am unable to run some software on 64 bits

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  15. I had a similar problem I only received the 32 bit key both discs came but no 64 bit key, bottom line I wrote it off to experience

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