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Windows 7 Blue theme for Windows Media Player 12

Bored of the way your Windows Media Player looks? Want to customize your WMP 12 ? Here is  a nice way to change the look of your Windows Media Player 12.


Once you have download the file from Deviantart, navigate to C:\Windows\System32 folder and find wmploc.dll.

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Take ownership of wmploc.dll.

Copy it to your desktop and save it as a backup copy.

As an additional safety measure, rename the original wmploc.dll in the system32 folder as wmploc.dll.old, so that it remains as an additional backup in your system32 folder.

Now copy the new downloaded wmploc.dll into the system32 folder.

Open Windows Media Player and see the difference!

I tried it. Worked like a charm.

Sould any problem arise, one can always run the System File  Checker.

Download file from Deviantart : 32-bit | 64-bit.