Windows 3.0 turns 20!

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  1. Those like me that remember those “good old times” also remind that sort of religious wars between thos owning a Mac, an Amiga and a PC.

    And when we read the System requirments:

    8086/8088 processor or better
    640K conventional memory, though 1 MB of extended memory recommended.
    Hard disk with 6-7MB of free space
    CGA/EGA/VGA/Hercules/8514/A graphics and an appropriate and compatible monitor
    a little proud smile comes in my mind, wondering how much we were cratives doing what everyone of us did with those resources.

    Now we think that Teras, Gigas and Internet are the “normal” world. Yesterday we had kilos and megas. No it’s not a century ago, just 20 years.

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