Windows 10 – User reactions to the operating system

Windows 10 was finally released on July 29, 2015 after almost eight months of testing via Insider Preview. The Insider Preview program was to let users test the operating system even as it was being built. Most of these Insiders got a free copy of Windows 10 in lieu for testing the operating system. Though we published a Windows 10 review, it was what we think about the operating system. This post is about what other users think about the Windows 10: their reactions in form of comments on Windows 10 posts on different websites and on social networks.

Before presenting others’ views, I would like to present my personal view on Windows 10 final release. The Insider Preview had plenty more options. Cortana, for example, was working on Insider Preview on my machine. After I installed the final version few days ago, it says Cortana is not yet ready for India. What does that mean? Maybe its just my machine… In any case I felt a little disappointed. But then, maybe they are trying to stay safe and will release features as and when they are ready. Going by that logic, they shouldn’t have released Edge as well because it too is incomplete without add-ons. And the process to add custom search engines to Edge is so difficult that people might not even know it is possible. Final words – I am not going back to Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 as I like other features of Windows 10 and I don’t have any use for Cortana as of now. I must warn you though. The features like WiFi Sense and Windows Update Delivery Optimization might increase your Internet bill. I haven’t yet turned them off to see how much the usage increases, but in case you see higher data consumption, you should turn them off straightaway.

Reactions to Edge

Edge has not been accepted well by users going by what they say on the Internet. Many have their own preferred browsers even for Windows 10. Here is what Lastpass had to say when I asked it if it is working on Lastpass addon for Edge.

Fig 1

Other users too have problems as evident from the following tweets

Fig 2Another user is disappointed that he cannot share the annotated web pages with his friends on Facebook. Edge has the feature to share annotated webpages. I do not know if that includes sharing on social networks but if does that, it would be a welcome feature.Fig 3And we have a user that loves Edge’s news feed

Fig 4

Cortana and Bing

Strangely, not many people on social networks are talking about Cortana. And those who are talking about it, are offended by the fact that Microsoft is invading your privacy in Windows 10.

Fig 5

Users sticking to Windows 7

Some people are not yet ready to let go of Windows 7. Each one of them has their own reasons but in short, they convey that using Windows 10 will be difficult compared to Windows 10. I must say I differ with them on this point. The Start menu has pinned items as live tiles; desktop is same as Windows 7 unless in tablet mode and above all, Windows 10 is the future and these people will anyway have to upgrade to Windows 10 sooner or later if they wish to continue with Microsoft.

Fig 6

Users not going back to previous versions

Though it seems everybody has problems with some or the other feature of Windows 10, some declare they are not going back to Windows 10.

Fig 7

One of the users is happy that Windows 10 reset removed all crapware that came preinstalled with the computer.

Fig 8

How do you rate Windows 10 on a scale of 0 to 5

We asked the question on Facebook to know the user reactions to Windows 10. While some simply gave out rating numbers (in some cases, above 5), others had things to say.

Fig 9

Mike, here, talks about something that I agree with completely.

Fig 10

In case you are interested, please check out our Facebook page question. Here you will see users rating the operating system from 0 to 5. The reactions too are telling!

Another hilarious reason I came across on the web for not recommending Windows 10 to his family, a person says that he’d be held responsible for everything that happens – for example, if the family microwave breaks down after five years, his people will still blame and ask him if it was due to that Windows 10 thing he did.

Now that you have seen other user reactions, what are your reactions on Windows 10?

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  1. Ziggy

    Though still somewhat buggy, I’ll be sticking with it because it has actually improved performance on my “oldish” laptop. As for my desktop (oldish” as well) it really did mess things up with the AMD Radeon drivers. That has now been ironed out and that machine is now running better. If I wasn’t such a stickler for “the new” I would most definetly go back to Windows 7!

  2. Veritas 

    I upgraded from Windows 7 and had problems with drivers:
    – AMD Radeon drivers (old graphic card, Radeon HD 4650)
    – Synaptics` touchpad

    The Microsoft Compatibility software said that both devices are ok with Windows 10 but didn`t said that only with basic Microsoft drivers. 🙁

    I had to install old versions drivers (for Windows 8 or 8.1) to make both devices work again with 90% of the original features AND DISABLE stupid Windows 10 automatic updates using that Microsoft tool.

  3. Bobby Phoenix

    HaHa on the one that said they are sticking with 7 for the sole reason of Aero Glass. There’s already an exact replica theme for Windows 10 on DeviantArt, so that reason is stupid if you really just want Aero Glass.

  4. Daniel Brooks

    Cortana blows , it wants to know every last thing about you and then some. go and disable it if you choose to do so , but do not take ownership of the cortana files and then remove because you will no longer have an in house search engine for your OS. Start up reminds me of windows 95 tbh I have exact same start up entries that I had with Windows 7 and now it takes 3 times as long to do the same job. msconfig and changing from default 30 seconds to 10 or whatever your choosing .. does not help speed up the process either. It’s slow and disappointing to say the least.

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