Windows 10 November Update 1511 adds major features and improvements


  1. today i got this update spending almost two hours updating. As a casual user, i have yet to find any change. Only time will tell

  2. The only feature that sounds good to me is the boot time, but that i have to test, at least i felt that it took the same it takes before the update.

  3. Boot time is pretty much the same as the previous version of Windows 10. As for Microsoft edge, it still crashes, is still slow, and (in my case) clicking on a favorite folder shuts it down – figure that one out! This new version has not reached maturity until it operates flawlessly in my book – but then again, I might be asking too much of Microsoft.

  4. On Dell Inspiron itself upgraded to handle OpenGL 3.2 et al and previously Win 8.1 64 bit prior to July Win 10 upgrade, this Fall Upgrade took a few hours total and ran as your article describes; but on former 64 bit Win 7 Home Acer Aspire upgraded to Win 10, Fall Upgrade took super-long to reach 100% download, then once “preparing to install” reached 100% all reverted to screen saying PC is up to date…restarted a number of times, still “up to date” and no installed upgrade; running MS update fixit revealed “service reg missing or corrupt”, but no known command prompt fixes nor sfc cured; might DISM/restore health be an option, or something else, since not even SURT helped?

  5. @long boot time: I had experience with long boot time on my PC too. I read a lot of tips, hints etc. and found that the best one can do is do nothing. I don’t know, what Win10 have done, but after three weeks of using the boot time significantly improved. Now I have boot time about 15 seconds to login screen, what is little better or equal than I had on Windows 8.1. It is very strange, that on my two notebooks I didn’t have this problem and boot time is very quick just from the upgrade. Now I am very satisfied with Windows 10, good work MS 🙂

  6. I just got the update and I’m ultimately furious about the new stupid overlay icons on ntfs compressed and encrypted files and folders… My whole hard disk is compressed and now all my files, folders, shortcuts, taskbar buttons, etc.. have this stupid 2 arrows overlay icon on them.. And all my encrypted files have a lock icon on them..

    How to remove this annoying “feature” or disable it without decompressing my hard disk?

    I read all the changes and reviews before installing this update and none of them mensioned this.. I checked the control panel for an option to disable this but found nothing.. Maybe someone can find a registry value or a resource hack to remove this annoying overlay

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