Things you want to know about the Windows 10 November Update

A few days ago, Microsoft rolled out first major Windows 10 update dubbed, Windows 10 November Update. Bits of it included minor additional features and improvements programmed to be downloaded and installed automatically when available.

Users interested, can check for the update now via Settings panel i.e. Settings > Update & security > Windows Update > Check for updates. There are a certain things you may want to know about the update.


Windows 10 November Update

The download files size is large, around 3 GB. Users on a metered Internet connection should connect to an unmetered network to avoid any extra charges.

Once the update is installed and you sign in, you’ll be greeted by screens indicating your PC is completing setup. These screens will be similar in appearance to the ones you noticed while installing Windows 10 for the first time.

Upon the completion of the setup, you will see your PC running Windows 10 Version 1511. To verify what version your PC is running, click the Start button, chose Settings > System > About.

It’s important to mention here that if it has been less than 31 days since you upgraded to Windows 10, you won’t receive the November update right away. Only after you have crossed the time period of 31 days, your PC will be eligible to download the November update. Your settings will not be subjected to any change and will stay the same.

If the setting to defer upgrades is turned on, you may not receive the update immediately. To ensure the settings are turned off, select the Start button , chose Settings  > Update & security > Windows Update > Advanced options, and clear the check box for Defer upgrades.

This update is not being offered to domain-connected PCs or Windows 10 Enterprise.

Please note that if you have accidentally or deliberately uninstalled the November update from your PC, you cannot install it again from Windows Update. You’ll be required to go to the Microsoft software download website and select ‘Upgrade now’ to upgrade your PC to Windows 10 Version 1511, which includes the November update.

If you notice you’re not seeing the update, worry not, It’ll be available soon! Updates other than the November update installed on your PC will fail to appear in your update history.

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In previous versions of Windows you had to rely on third-party apps to trust and track your laptop’s location, if you lost or misplaced it. Beginning with Windows 10, Microsoft has decided to change the policy and add the functionality to find your device straight into Windows 10. Just like the mobile equivalent, you can enable find my device in Windows 10 and it will track the last known location of your laptop or PC. We have this feature covered in our upcoming tutorial.


  1. Microsoft appears to have pulled down this Windows 10 November Update for the moment!
  2. Windows 10 1511 November Update downloading or installation stuck? Best to wait!
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  1. November sucks

    What a nonsense – fooling readers into thinking there is something new, when all you are talking about is the well-known Threshold 2 update!

  2. Jim Peyton

    Hi FixWin 10.0 is great BUT….I am unable to fix the broken App Store and non-functioning Windows 10 Apps (Photo, Weather, etc.). All worked before November Update. Event Log error message 0x80080204 is NOT found in any MS tech area. I am at my wit’s end. I have tried just about everything except doing a full, clean install. Other than the Win10 Apps, all of my programs, networks, devices work perfectly. Anywhere to go for help? (Note: spent over 7 hours over 2 days with MS Windows Answers tech support. They finally said “beats the %#&@ out of me…must be hardware-related)

  3. Microsoft seems to have NOW decided to pull its released November Update from both the Media Creation Tool and Windows Update.

  4. The source for all this is a Microsoft link which has been mentioned in the post.

  5. Jim Peyton

    Thanks. I tried the steps outlined here. Did not solve the issue

  6. Navi

    Can someone make a full on thing on how the themes work? They’re completely different now and I want a slide show, but im just not getting one. Or its like waiting 30 minutes before it changes the screen and its not on the ‘fit’ setting and its just really frustrating.

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