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Windows 10 Mobile Word app still missing several key features

Microsoft is still giving mobile users a raw deal by not adding word count in the Windows 10 Mobile Word app. It is also not available in the app for Windows 10 so, right now we’re wondering, what’s the big deal?

Windows 10 Mobile Word app

Here’s the thing, on Windows 10, the Word app is pretty much useless because it requires an Office 365 subscription. Now, once you subscribe and begin using the app, we believe users shouldn’t be wondering what happened to the world count feature.

Apart from the missing word count feature, our use of the app has made us realize that several key features are missing that are part of the Microsoft Office, Word 2016 program.

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For example, the app doesn’t give the ability to find new synonyms for a word. This is something very important to those who use Microsoft Word on a regular basis, so we are quite surprised it has not been added yet.

Another issue, the lack of option to translate text. This can be done in the full version of Word, but it also needs to be added into the Word app because sometimes writers need to translate text, especially quotations taken from other websites.

We know it is tough on Microsoft as it tries to please its userbase, but some of these features were recommend to the company by hundreds of users via Windows Feedback. It’s been months and still nothing, so we have to wonder if leaving feedback does much of anything to help push Microsoft into the right direction.

Overall, the Word app is great for basic editing, though sometimes users will miss the advanced features and we hope Microsoft adds them in the future. We found it to be less demanding on our test computers when compared to the full-fledged experience, and the fact that it automatically saves content to the cloud makes it even better.

As you type, the app saves content to the cloud so there is no need to hit the save button. We wish Word 2016 was similar, but for some reason, Microsoft chose to make the cloud feature less useful in the full version.