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Windows 10 Mobile latest Build 10536 still has us wondering about the platform

The latest Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536 brings forth a new feature, but it still feels unfinished and it has been around 7 months since Microsoft released the first build. We are running the new build on a Nokia Lumia 920, so we are going to speak about the performance based on the device we’re using. Performance might be a bit better on other devices, but we have no proof of that so far.

The new build is codenamed, 10536, and with new devices on the horizon, one might have expected to see some significant changes, but that is not the case here. Maybe the next build will excite everyone, but we’re not willing to bet on that.

The first thing we noticed after installing Windows 10 Mobile build 10536 is the fact that many bugs we experienced in the past are gone.

There was an issue where autocorrect would crash apps. For example, if you were using WhatsApp and typing your heart out, and then made a mistake, the app would likely collapse after the system auto-corrects the problem.

This was a pain, so it is good to realize the bug has been rectified once and for all.

Another thing we noticed is the addition of a flashlight option. It is not an app so don’t expect to find it in the app list. To find it, you will be required to swipe from the top to bring up the Action Center, touch “Expand” and you should see the Flashlight button. Press it, and voila, you’ve just created light.

It’s an excellent addition, and we like that. No need now to download a flashlight app from the Store.

Better photo management:

Some folks had issues with not being able to manage their photos properly in previous builds. Well, this should no longer be a factor because now photos OneDrive and separated from pictures saved on the phone itself.

It made things a lot easier than before, and as such, very welcomed by us.

So, what are the problems?

On my Lumia 920, I am facing slow performance several times per day. Recently, I attempted to take a photo, and it took a long while for the camera to boot. Even after restarting the phone, it still took forever to complete. Overall performance is also below par though we cannot tell if this is an issue with the phone or the operating system.

There’s also a mysterious zStorage icon in the settings menu. So far, nothing happens when it is pressed.

Another issue, if you were hoping to take advantage of the Lumia Camera app, you’ll be out of luck. This is especially bad for owners of the Lumia 1020 because they won’t be able to take 41-megapixel photos unless they revert to Windows Phone 8.1.