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Windows 10 is no longer supported on this PC

Windows 10 was a considerable improvement over its predecessors. However, it was the last operating system to be launched (and the most advanced as well) in the Windows series. All improvements after that will be in the form of updates. The first major update was the Anniversary Update in 2016 and the second major update was the Creators Update this year.

Unfortunately, both of the newer updates didn’t have the same compatibility criteria as the initial build of Windows 10. This was especially regarding the hardware compatibility. Some processors were not compatible with the updates, and thus, the updates could not be installed further. Upon trying to install Windows 10 Creators Update, the user may get the following error message:

Windows 10 is no longer supported on this PC

Though there is an argument whether the issue is at the vendor’s end or Microsoft itself, the official reply is that the following Intel Clover Trail processors are not currently supported in Windows 10 Creators Update.

This means that although Windows 10 would have installed on your hardware, Windows 10 v1703 may not be installing on the same hardware. So if your system uses these processors, the system wouldn’t be able to install the Creators Update. This issue was bought out in this TechNet thread and this is how Microsoft responded:

Microsoft is working with our partners to provide compatible drivers for these processors. Until then, Windows Update will prevent devices containing one of the processors listed above from installing the Creators Update. If your PC contains one of these processors, Microsoft recommends that you do not install the Creators Update from the software download site. Please wait and allow Windows Update to install the Creators Update after compatible drivers are released and installed. If you have already installed Creators Update from the software download site and are experiencing these problems, you can use Windows 10’s recovery options to go back to an earlier build.

Microsoft said that it would be working towards providing compatible drivers for these processors, but users won’t be able to install them till then. Microsoft has recommended users who have this processor in their systems not to download and install the Creators Update from the website and wait till it updates itself – which would be possible once Microsoft makes the necessary changes. In case a user has installed the software already, and it is causing an issue, you will have to use the Windows 10 Recovery Option to correct the problem.

The advice given in the message box is to Uninstall the app. But there no mention of the app! While some experts have suggested a few workarounds, it would be better to wait for Microsoft to update the drivers. Other than this, if your hardware is compatible with the update and still Windows 10 Creators Update fails to install, then you may need to troubleshoot the issue manually.

While such PCs may not get Feature updates, they are expected to get the Security updates.

Conclusion: If you have not been offered the Windows 10 Creators Update, don’t use Media Creation Tool to install it. Wait for it to be offered to you via Windows Update.

To check if your Windows 10 PC supports Windows 10 v1703 or not, open Settings > System > About and check the Processor. If you see ‘Atom’ there, it may not support.