Windows 10 free Upgrade Policy confuses some and disappoints others

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  1. this is a business decision that Microsoft is entitled to make, without a lot of “back-seat driving” opinions from the blogasphere. would I have done it if I were running Microsoft? most likely not since it WILL impact the profits. however, the long view is that “free” opsys is the most likely method of running computers in the near and distant future, so Microsoft is merely jumping on the long-view bandwagon.

  2. My first thought when I read that MS was also giving the free upgrade to piratednon-genuine installations of Windows was that this would give some folks the chance to start using the genuine article. Now I begin to wonder.

    If someone with a pirated version of windows does upgrade this would send information to MS giving the details of the pirated version and also the IP address of the users. After trying to go genuine the individuals would still be in the situation of having a non-registered installation. In other words no incentive. Plus MS would then have the relevant details to catch these users. Some of these users use ilegal OS because they think that it is thier right and some use it because they cannot afford to purchase the legal version and it these folks [second example] who would be put at a disadvantage.

    This offer to them is self defeating. Who in there right mind would take a fully working [illegal] OS and upgrade to a version that is crippled in someway? MS would also [IMO] make it impossible to revert back to using the old [illegal] OS. MS has to either give the free upgrade to illegal user, no matter how much it would grate with me after paying for all my OS’s, and make them legal or there would be no incentive for these illegal user to carry out the upgrade. Users of these illegal Windows 7 installations are getting, as far as I understand, the MS security updates and will do so for the next 4-5 years therefor why upgrade to one that will not, and will within a short period of time, be insecure,

    The above is just my thoughts and I am NOT defending those illegal users.

  3. In my opinion: if Microsoft wants everyone on Windows 10, just give away legal copies for free. Just think; the cost of a new PC, notebook, tablet, etc. would drop dramatically if the price for the OS license was excluded from the OEM cost.

    Another argument could be that the consumer should not have to pay for an OS that contains all the latest NSA control and snooping technologies. Courtesy of your friend, the US government.

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