Windows 10 File Explorer features, settings and changes

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  1. Two problems: 1. Cannot scroll through the File Explorer window – cursor jumps to top of window without control. 2. Cannot rename files.

  2. windows 10 big problems, problems problems….It’s not flexible at all. I want to go back with internet explorer. Cannot rename the files, makes me slow down with school works. hate it! Cannot print double side with Microsoft edge. I use fire fox now. Edge is junk.

  3. The updated File Explorer in Windows 10 is the best thing ever (coming from Windows 7) — it’s almost like how it felt going from xp to 7. There is of course the awesome ribbon bar, with all the most convenient commands logically laid out. There’s FINALLY a keyboard shortcut for create new folder (ctrl+shift+n) that also works on the desktop! Can you believe it, after all these years?!?! Renaming a group of selected files now starts with (1) on the *first* file instead of the second (so you no longer have to either put (0) on the first file, or be sure to include (1) before committing the rename). Amazing!!! And there’s open with command prompt on the current folder in the File menu, complete with option to run as administrator right there! MS finally made Windows’ own file manager incredibly usable. 🙂

  4. Is not possible to set the Preview pane down the screen? As in previous versions of Windows. I cannot accept this right sided location.

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