Windows 10 Fall Creators Update problems & issues being reported


  1. Best way to do it I have found is to download the iso, burn a disc and make a clean install. The upgrade seems to leave traces of the old OS still registered in the new version. The only pain then though is installing all the 3rd party app’s that we all like. I found Malwarebytes trys to take over the role of antivirus on the ‘Creators Update’ So be careful of that. I have uninstalled Malwarebytes for the moment and just trusting to the new beefed up Windows Defender.So far not having major problems but time will tell. Personally I would have liked Microsoft to have offered the upgrade as an option rather than a requirement. The old saying is if it is not broke leave it alone and v1607 had some stability. What mayhem might await business users…?

  2. Before upgrading do a complete system tuneup empty temp and prefetch and i would also delete all files in software distribution folder ive done 2 this way and have had no issues at all with new version

  3. This! I didn’t realize this was a full upgrade. Otherwise i would have did a fresh install. A lot of the issues are usually because of registry and software conflicts from an OS upgrade.

  4. I’m experiencing issues with games crashing to desktop when launching after updating. Originally thought it was my AMD GPU drivers. (Still possible). Looks like it’s happening with Nvidia GPU’s also. Fresh OS install incoming….

  5. I did an in-place upgrade on one computer and a few niggles on that but I can live with it till I do a clean install. Another I did a clean install and it runs OK. Even get Cortana guiding you through the last stages of an install…! Tech gone mad but should help non-tech users who need to do a clean install.

  6. I installed the Creators update on our backup computer using the Windows Update Assistant Tool. The update itself went flawlessly. So far the only issue I’ve run into is that Windows keeps trying to change the default program for .txt and .log files from the Editpad Lite text editor to Window’s own Notepad. I may have stopped this behavior by resetting the default app for each of those extensions to Editpad Lite. We’ll see. Unlike Mr. Streeting’s experience, Malwarebytes 3.0.6 has not attempted to take over the role of an antivirus program (we use Norton Security).

    I would strongly recommend that before installing the Creators Update, that you make a back up image of your “C” drive to an external hard drive so you can very easily restore your previous Windows 10 — just an extra safety valve for any really major upgrade to the operating system.

  7. I just did a total fresh install of Windows 10 Creators Edition and so far no problems.

  8. I’ve noticed that Microsoft reset the Intel HD Graphics driver to the oldest one that released after Windows 10 first got launched. This wrecked havoc with my installation including flickering start menu items, crashing apps like Movies & TV. Upgrading to latest Intel driver from their website solved all of the issues for me.

  9. Before i upgraded a Lenovo laptop G460, i made a complete files clean up, deleting all temporary files and so on and a registry clean with CCleaner. Also i created a restoration point. As i use SSD instead of a HDD, i didnt defrag my drive, but if you have a HDD i recomend you do so. With all this set, just download the Microsoft update tool and go for it. In here, no problems so far. I’m doing the same now with my other Acer laptop and problably, the result will be the same…

  10. The Creators update broke the sound on my HP15-j121tx laptop, it was easy to fix all I had to do was reinstall the IDT audio driver & the sound was back to normal

  11. My Team for port aggregation will not work. When I try to configure IPaddress, it says another team is using those numbers and it remains disabled no matter what you do.

  12. Thank you for the good advice. It is also a good idea to create a new recovery disk so everything is up to date. I hadn’t thought about the software distribution folder so will clear that too. In the past, I’ve had some wild times with Windows 10. It destroyed my old computer by killing the Intel video driver. I do not want to go there again.

  13. Uncheck ” give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update windows” then check for updates.
    That option is will be automatically checked again and updates for Office and other Microsoft products is downloaded automatically.Very annoying for me.

  14. I downloaded Windows 10 Creator’s Update a few days ago (Intel Core i3 5005U, 8GB of memory, 1TB of storage and 2GB AMD Radeon M330 graphics) for testing and Microsoft’s irresponsibility astonished me. So here’s the list of terrible glitches I found:

    1. BOOT TIME:
    My laptop used to boot from Shut down state to full snappy performance state in just 15 secs tops. Now it takes about 3 to 4 mins to boot up… and an additional 2 mins for the desktop to be ready for actions. Really, Microsoft? this is what u call an *update*???

    Okay I get that Windows Updates are pretty darn important. But not everyone wants to update MS Office with its tens and hundreds of patches worth 4 to 5 GB total. Even if uncheck the “Give me updates for other Microsoft Products when I update Windows” from Advanced Options, it somehow magically turns back on by itself while checking for updates, and starts downloading unnecessary and big Office updates which cost gigabytes of data. and worse the actual Windows updates which carry humongous importance don’t get priority.

    Haha. well done Microsoft. Just another of your masterpieces! Desktop icons so subtly arranged by the user now have the feature of rearranging and randomly re-positioning themselves automatically! Hats off Redmond!

    Even Microsoft’s own Office got corrupted, and Windows Update failed to install updates, the solution for which was to reinstall MS Office. Extra headache for free! anyone?

    Yeah. Some Windows power users customize the Windows Registry overtime, so that they can do what others can’t easily. For example taking ownership of any file in the windows ecosystem in your hard drive. Or some of the context menu customizations. The whole registry is reset to defaults after this update! Oh no!

    This is all I could gather. And it was enough for me to decide to roll back to the previous best version of Windows. the Anniversary Update. If this is the state of affairs for the Creator’s Update just a few days before the official launch, I’d advise everyone to deploy the “metered connection” setting and stop Microsoft from shoving this *apparent malware* into your sexy systems. Peace.

  15. I used the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant to install the Creators Update
    and everything went smoothly and I thought everything was fine until I
    started to try and get some work done. At that point one of my Excel
    Spreadsheets that I’ve been working on for weeks started to hang and
    freeze up especially when I tried to do a “Save As” after copying a tab
    to a new Workbook. Then I noticed that both my Canon Pixma Printer
    Drivers were “Missing” (Bluetooth & Wired). At that point I tried
    an online “Repair” of MS Office which didn’t help. After several more
    attempts to fix all the problems I realized I’d been duped by Microsoft
    and decided to “Rollback” to previous build of Windows. Now everything
    seems to be working okay, so my advice is to wait and not install this
    update until all the problems have been worked out. Oh one more thing, I
    forgot. As soon after I installed the creators update and rebooting I
    got and ESRV.EXE application error which I fixed by uninstalling the
    Intel Driver Update Utility which stopped that problem. BOTTOM LINE:

  16. Settings, Acer care center and Edge crash after upgrade from 1607 to 1703.

    1703 broke Autorecover of Office 2010. No Asd files are created.

    On one laptop, WD security center always shows 0 files scanned.

    Health report doesnt work on one laptop and sometimes works on another.

    Onedrive pops up when you go to Word 2010 > File > Recents > Recover unsaved.

    File explorer icon pinned in taskbar looks active when you get Low battey pop up (< 10%). Left clicking icon wont open file explorer.

    Bluetooth on one laptop doesnt work since 1607. Probably drivers. But no new drivers available.

    But of course 1703 brought positives too. Windows store check for updates, download updates and install updates are more faster and smoother. Same with Windows updates. Perhaps since not much on 1703 yet?

  17. iCloud running in Outlook 2016 no longer functioned. Uninstalled & reinstalled and still no good. Rolled back Windows and will wait until it gets fixed.

  18. Power Management is no longer shutting off my monitor at the preset interval. My graphics card driver (AMD HD 6850) rolled back to an older version and had to be updated as well.

  19. Some software require you to upgrade. I used paid SmartFTP software. Now after installing the Creators Upgrade, I am asked by SmartFTP to buy their new version.

  20. Did the update through the update tool 5 days start menu has not worked correctly since, although it did on the 1st reboot when it came up. Also changed MANY privacy settings, even though I chose ‘NO’ on the screen that came up during install!
    My legal (bought through work) version of Microsoft office suddenly went ‘unregistered’ after it popped up a ‘credential backup’ notification in the lower right corner, then wouldn’t ‘save’ when it told me to, no choice but to cancel. A couple of other minor items but got past them after a bit.
    Note: had no problems after the anniversary update like some reported. All on Win 10 Pro x64 that was a update from Win 8.1 originally.

  21. I just had to rollback the creator update at home. It killed my Cortana search box (could not click on results) also could not add a new profile. On my test computer at work it killed Novell (OES) but did not cause the problems I saw on my home machine.

  22. If just using Windows Defender & Malwarebytes the latter knocks out Windows Defender and takes over the role of anti-virus, which it isn’t? Take note Malwarebytes…
    Just check too that system restore is turned on, which it seems it is not by default in the new upgrade. If you do an in-place upgrade you will get some whited-out apps showing that no one seems to know what they are even hardened techies I have talked to. If you do a clean install they don’t show. Seems odd. Maybe the guys at Microsoft will sort that in the next cumulative update?
    I suspect we will all find more glitches in the days and weeks ahead of us.
    I just wish Microsoft would give users the option of upgrading to the new version at a time we all prefer rather than am enforced one. Even delaying them on the options menu of v1607 only gives a short time before the upgrade is demanded.

  23. I have my laptop set to do nothing when lid is closed and unit is plugged in. I have to do a hard shut down and reboot if I close it now. I guess they write the code and assume it’s perfect or are we their beta testors?

  24. I turned my PC on as normal, the screen flashed. It’s the creators update. It runs through while I go and get breakfast. I haven’t touched my PC by this point other than the power button to turn it on. I come back and I’m logged in and the desktop is the complete opposite to what it’s meant to be. I click on the windows icon to get to the Settings. doesn’t work. right click on desktop to go to display options for control panel. “you have no program associated…” so I turn off my PC with the power button. turn it back on and as I get to the login screen it skips it and attempts to log in to the “Administrator” account and is now just “Welcome” with the loading symbol with the default background and “Administrator” doing nothing.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    – Dan

  25. hi. sinds the update. my audio drivers wont work. realtec. i can have audio tru my monitor :-/. thats al the audio output options i have in windows. my motherbord connections do not work. even mic. reinstald drivers and so. still the same. i have MSI 990FXA_GD65 motherb. with realtek HD audio. contacted msi but no responce yet. any one more having this?

  26. The Creators Update totally broke my system. Nvidia GEForce Experience and Gigabyte’s App Center load at startup, but apparently aren’t compatible with the update, so my system, after I log in, just spins for hours. The one time the loading of these applications actually crashed and I got a desktop, it was painfully slow to even do diagnostics.

    I boot to the menu for safe mode and it won’t recognize my keyboard, wired, in a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port, so I can’t select any of the options. When I say restore to previous build, it says there are none (And I built this off a Windows 10 Pro, upgraded it to 1607 build a month ago, and then Creators installed itself yesterday, stupid me for allowing it in settings). When I try to restore to a system restore point, it says there are none.

    As of right now my computer is basically bricked. I will eventually beat it, I’ve been beating Windows since 1990, but my recommendation is make sure you haven’t set fast or ultra fast boot for your BIOS, have restore points, and you’re ready to roll back.

  27. Mine was setup to auto-update, and it’s already done it by the time I got home from work. I had a BSOD with a “system thread not handled exception” waiting for me when I got home. Does the same with Safe Mode. LOL.

    Which means it’s unrecoverable. Going to have to spend my weekend fixing this computer now. Thanks Microsoft. Restore points don’t work.

    Good thing I have a Mac.

  28. Yesterday i may updated to Creators (autoupdate). all well…until after a day a reboot my system….WRONG! Bluescreen saying -inaccessable reboot device- and -stopcode-. No checkpoint ability, no safemode ability worked…none!!! I now reinstall again the old win10. I wait the moment when all my apps….will be gone!!!!!

  29. Some system raster fonts went corrupt after I upgraded the OS to the latest Creators build.

  30. There’s no way to completely disable the Defender Security real-time protection; at least I’ve disabled the app to start automatically using the Task Manager. The Creators Update broke my PC so I formatted everything from scratch until RS3 comes out.

  31. “so I turn off my PC with the power button”

    Probably shouldnt have done that. Win10 probably was still setting up and installing drivers then. After upgrading, Settings also wont open for me and when it did sometimes it would hang or force close. I left it for a while. When I returned all was well.

  32. Hi

    This must be my 10th rebuild with Win10….everything worked great before the latest update….

    I use AHCI for my boot, however after the latest upgrade computer no longer boots… I can only boot in IDE, this update has changed my Boot settings….totally lost now on how I can get the computer booting back in AHCI

    Anyone can help


  33. I did clean installs of the Creators Update on both my PC’s and so far I havent had any issues

  34. So, I had a lot of problems installing the update – lots of failed attempts in situ with useless unhelpful error messages (‘the update has failed’) and no logs as to why. Finally burnt an ISO and this also failed but game me an error message about safe mode not working – previous users had reported the same error message with the anniversary update last year an it was a problem with multiple ssds being present / cloned SSD. I disconnect all the drives except for the OS and it all installed fine… or so I thought. Soon after, my right click menus started randomly disappearing.. as in some would always work, some would work sometime but then appear blank a few seconds later and some only showed some of the menu items and not others. the faster I right clicked, the more common the missing menus were… but then leave it for a minute and they were all fine. Finally loaded up SHEXVIEW and CCcleaner, both of which aloow you to disable menu itmes. Systematically disable the non MS itmes and it still happened… but if I disable ALL non MS items, it appears to have been fixed.

    Worst update experience I’ve had with any system in a LONG while… and that includes multple Win7-Win10 and OSX upgrades / bootcamp partitions.

  35. I use the Scancode Map registry key to disable a few keys for gaming (left Windows key, caps lock, etc), and this update completely broke this registry key. It actually wiped the old key and adding it back has no effect. I can’t find any info on how to disable keys now. 🙁 The registry key in question is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlKeyboard LayoutScancode Map

  36. I’ve done the Creators Update on two systems now, and so far I’ve found the following problems:

    On both systems, I can no longer “run as Administrator” any program via either the Start Menu or Search. In the case of the Start Menu, I right-click a program and select “More > Run as administrator”… with Search, I press Windows and start typing, then right-click the result and select “Run as Administrator” (or type Shift-Ctrl-Enter, which should do the same thing). In either case, nothing happens. The only way I can run anything as Administrator now is to locate the .EXE file in File Explorer, then right-click and “run as administrator”, or create a shortcut and modify it to do the same.

    On my second system (which is my home theater PC), my sound card can no longer output in surround-sound to my HDTV. This used to work before the Creators Update.

  37. I’ve rolled back the Update on both systems. All works normally now.

    I’ll give this one another chance after I let it marinate some more in Microsoft’s development pipeline…

  38. Updated today, and suddenly applications no longer work properly. PotPlayer crashes anytime I try to play video, RivaTuner crashes on startup. And those are just the first two things I tried to run!

  39. I ran the Creator’s Update Wednesday evening and all went well until a prompt came up recommending that I enable Windows Defender, which required a restart. When my PC came back it halted at the boot screen with the little spinning circle and that’s where it stayed for over 90 minutes. Several restarts did not correct the behavior and booting into Safe Mode allowed me to do nothing. I attempted a Restore, which failed. I tried a reset and that failed too. I tried every option available on the repair disk and got nowhere. In the meantime, I pulled the secondary hard drive that contains all my documents and connected it to a second PC. That’s where I discovered the full damage. This update, or Windows Defender, corrupted the partition converting it from NTFS to RAW, which Windows cannot read. After more than 100 hours of recovery effort using two pieces of software specifically meant to recover RAW partitions I am now having to seek out the costly services of a professional recovery service.

    Thanks Microsoft! My business is now in ruins!

  40. Useless update breaks the display driver on my surface pro. Took me the better part of the afternoon to get rid of the flashing of the screen, as Intel refuses to simply replace te driver to a standard one, and still no satisfying solution.

    Please Microsoft, for once, stop releasing updates that aren’t tested properly. Conflicts caused with drivers you guys made yourselves is beyond ridiculous.

  41. Since update can no longer see other computers on the network on 3 computers, Microsoft after two attempts could not come up with a fix they suggested rolling back to previous version of Windows 10, but made no difference so now I have to reinstall the LAN drivers on all computers every time I switch them on seems that the new update installs a new driver and even after rolling back it only works OK until you restart your computer and then its re installs the non comparable driver.

  42. After a successful upgrade to “Creator’s Update,” the next day when the computer came out of standby it was in a corrupted state complaining about missing Office components. Restart resulted in Windows attempting to repair itself…would not start properly through any of the diagnostic options. I managed to open an admin command window and copied a few data items to a network drive. Then installed Windows 7 on the alternate SSD keeping the older Windows 10 disk as a backup. Yeah, so I think I’ll stay here on 7 for a while. Certainly faster on a SSD!

  43. After updating, with Onenote 2013 installed, Send to Onenote became the default printer and all printers were of type Send to Onenote. I had to uninstall Onenote to cure that issue.

  44. After the update I am unable to copy an exe file to the Program Files folder. The error states that I don’t have permissions even when my account is of Local Administrator type. I had to install a portable app to the Desktop.

  45. I had a feeling clean installs are the only way to avoid problems with this update. Possibly way too many conflictions with already installed software and drivers as well until you reinstall what you use and what windows has in startup.

  46. Since the last update I’m having major issues. My PC keeps shutting down or rebooting. Security updates are one thing but forcing people to upgrade should be optional. This is causing major problems for me, not only in frustration and inconvenience but time and money. Upgrades should not be forced on users!

  47. Rolled back to a previous build and the update automaticly downloads right away. I suspect that it will eventually install again despite my not wanting any “feature’ updates. Not a stable release, getting BSOD errors and reboots.

  48. Since this blasted update I’ve lost sound entirely, and they removed the ability to change font size – while simultaneously going to the factory setting of ‘half the fonts are microscopic’. I have to squint to read what I’m typing, and screw reading anything on the title bars. What were they thinking releasing this trash? I trusted it’d make the computer better, not worse.

  49. Has this happened to anyone else? I updated my Windows Ten after the Creator’s update came out. Now, control panel items no longer appear after I search let’s say, “Programs and Features”. I type that in and the settings pop up but not the actual thing itself.

  50. So where was your data backup? You do have one (or two) don’t you? Disks often die spontaneously, with no help from Microsoft foul-ups.

  51. I tried the upgrade assistant tool … it went smoothly enough until I attempted to right click “This PC” (yes, I’m one of *those* people that likes certain icons on their desktop) and tried to select “Manage”.

    Then I tried to right click the start button and choose computer management

    Then I tried to launch the System Applet in the Control Panel

    The only way I found to open computer management was to start an admin command prompt (powershell) and manually run mgmt in the system32 directory under windows.

    This was the deal breaker for my main pc .. I can’t have any standard options disabled or failed from the get go.

    I connected to the Microsoft Support staff … they remotely controlled my pc for 6 hours .. even creating a new user to test with .. same problem .. the ONLY user that could open Computer Management without having to start administrative command prompt .. was Administrator .. and it just so happened I had re-enabled the account before upgrading.. glad I did..

    The end result .. they recommended roll back.

    My other PC (dell laptop w10 native) just upgraded and I haven’t seen this same issue there.. and W10 won’t even install on my new workstation (even from clean install, it hangs at 53%) so 1 out of 3?

    still disgusted with MS.

  52. well.. creators update completely broke my windows installation to the point where my c drive was completely corrupted after last “Update and Restart”

    Hoping my Win10 creation tool can repair the installation because this will be 2nd time in as many months Win10 Updates forced me to reinstall Windows.

    Good … times?

  53. fun fact: never happened a SINGLE time using Win 7 Ultimate (5+ years) – yes I had to be that guy 🙂

  54. So, will this allow me to be able to search programs and features in the search bar and find it there? Or will this only add the control panel button back when I right click on the start button?

  55. just put you previous license or contact smartftp, it’s probably due to some registry cleanup during update…

  56. 70% of the time when I start the PC it boots with a black screen. The only way is to get to the login page it to keep rebooting until it appears. This started directly after I installed the creators update

  57. When I attempt to update to install the Creator’s Update onto my MS Windows 10 Professional MSI gaming laptop, the update continually fails. After a rather lengthy download and install, the laptop reboots, freezes with the MSI logo displayed. and never successfully loads windows to restart. I am forced to do a hard power down (hold the power button for 3 seconds) for the machine and reboot it to the last version of Windows 10 Pro. Nothing I have tried works and Microsoft is being useless as usual! Disgusted!

  58. After the install it seems to have crippled my 3D apps. Considering that this update was a creative one it’s kind of ironic. Affected is MODO in particular, can’t relax large amounts of UV islands without a full blown system crash. Flashing black screen then slowdown to a crawl then complete freeze and extreme heat. Please stop rolling out beta software!!! It’s not like computers are magical, spend more money on testing and don’t treat your customers like lab rats

  59. Seems to be a general problem in large sections of the software industry. All these partially or entirely broken software releases make you wonder what’s going on in testing departments, do they test these updates on anything other than a completely fresh install? Should not be the case nowadays since they keep peddling the mantra of ”just keep working and we’ll update in the background”. Well if you’re going to update in the background you better make sure your update is compatible with any setup. If it’s not then it’s a case of false advertising. So in future maybe Microsoft should consider adding that there’s a chance the PC gets crippled

  60. I installed the CREATOR edition. Surprise! All went well except when I tried using my Paperport SE Scanning/printing/doc mgmt software that came with my Brother 2700 Printer. Instead of calling up English fonts in its menus it calls up gobbledygook fonts.
    NUANCE says the software wasn’t supported on WIN10 (even though it worked beautifully ever since I installed WIN10 and updates). So, I have 24 hours to decide if to roll back to the earlier version of WIN10 so Paperport works, or just buy the latest version of Paperport14 for $100 and live with the CREATOR version.

  61. After the update I’m unable to delete folders in my c-drive steam library when the folder has sub-folders and things in those sub-folders, without first emptying the sub-folders and then deleting the sub folder also, then I can delete the level I wanted to from the start. Only from the steam library that I’ve noticed so far but could be other places to. Issue happens with powershell commands, file explorer, CKAN (a mod manager for Kerbal space program), pretty much anything trying to do this. The entire Program Files (x86) folder seems to have some sort of corrupt ACLs, haven’t been able to correct them at that level yet but have only tried in the Properties, security tab (and advanced button there) so far and that UI hangs when I try, even hangs when I just hit Edit on the security tab for the root of the c-drive right now. I thought I corrected the ACL on the Steam library level but since I still have the issue above, maybe I didn’t.

  62. Hi, yes i updated to Windows 10, version 1703 to my peril!!!! i have a multitude of problems most just annoying, like it now takes about 2 mins to actually close the PC down after hanging at the start window for a further 1 min. then there are the problems actually getting anything to activate when i right click the start menu, the menu comes up and all is there but when you click on the item you want, nothing happens…..But the most annoying is the recovery option, to go back to a previous version has completly vanished. I now only have 2 options, 1. reset this PC, which will allow me to reset windows and keep some of my apps only problem the apps it lets you keep are the factory defaults , not 3rd party apps they have to be reinstalled manually.
    2.Advanced startup.
    Any help would be much appreciated

  63. Had only one problem which is small every time i turn the input indicator off it turns it self back on thats it

  64. After the Creators Update my financial accounts in Quicken were an absolute mess. Random items from up to 10 days ago have been deleted. I got onto Microsoft Chat support and the assistant could not roll back to correct it. Also my screen was completely altered and all of my icons had been rearranged. Anybody help pleas?e. Meanwhile I have had to remake my accounts from downloads from my Bank, but the missing gaps in my Investment history will never be recovered.

  65. I know this is quite an old post but this update should never have been rolled out as an option or otherwise or it should have been made clear this should not be installed on a production machine.

    The only way I could get all my devices working (mainly my 24″ printer) was to do a fresh reinstall of the anniversary addition. It didn’t matter if I did a roll back to the previous system or not it screwed something up which prevented me from printer to the aforementioned printer and thus depleting my only source of income.

    Install at your own risk!

  66. This update is terrible. My laptop has been running into shutdown issues due to it. Meaning that Windows 10 isn’t recognizing my login as it is logging out.

    Edit: Just had my computer run into an error as it was shutting down. Did a bit of research and it looks like it’s related to the latest update I got on my system (KB4013214 — Windows 10 Creators Update Privacy Settings for x64-based Systems). Other people seem to have run into a similar problem with this damn thing as well.

    Here’s what showed up log wise:

    Session “Microsoft.Windows.UniversalNotificationPlatform” failed to start with the following error: 0xC0000022 — 4/22/2017

    Session “Microsoft.Windows.UniversalNotificationPlatform” failed to start with the following error: 0xC0000035 — 4/16/2017 (The same day that the new update that I mentioned above showed up)

    There are other issues of it during this point in time, just mentioning the two above as examples.

    And there seemed to be an issue with printers as well like it was trying to update a driver for it and it was unable to. (This isn’t a big issue for me at this time though as I’m not using a printer with my laptop, but it is a bit frustrating.)

  67. Funny how they call this the creators update, yet it killed all of my creation programs, lol. Bsod, crashes and program incompatibility. Rolled back and all is working again.

  68. Not always, system drive is whichever letter you chose ! Some PC doesn’t even have a C partition, it’s a matter of choice… So starting a path with C: is a nonsense here.

  69. I have to respectfully disagree, as even if some installations are on drives other than C; 99.9% of windows installations ARE on C because that is the default, you also cannot change that unless you are more advanced. There is also nearly zero reason to change it as a lot of programs are coded to default their installation to the C: drive, and not coded to a default installation of the ‘system drive containing the windows fileset’.

  70. I agree with King although I understand where you are coming from @tiliarou. Unless you are on a domain and your system is moderated by your internal system administrator you are unlikely to have your SYSTEM drive anywhere but C:. However, placing DATA onto another drive is optional and you can configure your profile for each of the “special folder” locations (Document, Music, Pictures etc.). The easiest way to see which drive you are using is to run the command “%systemdrive%” (including the percentage signs which is not quite what you stated @tiliarou) and this will show which drive is your system drive and 99/100 times on a personal (non moderated PC) the path will be C:. Another one to use is %systemroot% (again using the percentage signs) and that will show you exactly where Windows is installed. What you have to remember is that most people using these “forums” are people looking for solutions who probably don’t understand the ins and outs of a windows system and just want to fix their standard, non-moderated system.

  71. So you agree with me 99.9% is not all.
    Even though I disagree with that 99.9% (anyway I can’t prove it, nor can you).
    What I was trying to say is that it can be confusing to name system drive by letter instead of just saying “system drive”…
    “a lot of programs are coded to default their installation to the C: drive, and not coded to a default installation of the ‘system drive containing the windows fileset’.” And that’s a very bad coding as you can simply use %SystemRoot%, nowadays I don’t believe that there are a lot of these poorly coded apps…

  72. Well for proof of 99.9% of computers running windows, you can just go around to the 1000 PC’s closest to where you live; friends, family, library, school, etc. and check their drives and see for yourself what the drive letter is for that computers windows installation. I would say an average of 999 out of those 1000 will have windows on the C: drive, if not all 1000.

    It is also not an option in a normal retail or OEM copy of windows to be able to choose the system drive letter, I think you have this confused with being able to choose which physical HDD/SSD you would like to install windows onto. This does not mean the drive letter will change, it will still be C: just on a different physical drive. (unless using shrinkvolume where it may be on the same drive that is showing as two separate drives, but the letter will still remain C:)

    Yes it is bad coding practice, but that doesn’t mean that it is uncommon. %systemroot% would also not work for the majority of applications as they do not install into the windows OS files themselves, which is where that points; the vast majority install into the Program Files, Program Files (x86), ProgramData, or Appdata folders.

  73. What I would say to this is to look what happens if you reassign some of your “special folders”. Certain apps, including Windows itself, will default to the ORIGINAL “special folder” (which is “typically” on the C: drive) and cause all kinds of confusion when you’re looking for specific app data.

    Anyway, I think this is getting slightly off topic and not really helping those that come here for the help. After all, the title is “Windows 10 Creators Update problems & issues being reported” and not “my system is this and my system is that”.

  74. Creator update was a total disaster. No functioning programs after update except browsers for some reason. Many blank pop ups — i.e. entry boxes with no lettering. Clock not working, task manager not working, etc, etc. After long discussion with Microsoft best they could offer was to reset the computer. Anticipating long hours reloading all my programs.

  75. Even a fresh install does not resolve stability issues. After three fresh installs and countless blue screens and directx crashes, I re-downloaded the anniversary update ISO and fresh installed, haven’t had any issues since. Won’t be moving to the creators update for a while…

  76. This really depends on your computer hardware. The creators update runs seamlessly on some computers, no additional steps should be required. The update creates a recovery image when it installs (really annoying for people that prefer a fresh installation). If you are unlucky enough to experience issues even after a fresh install (from a USB or disk), re-download the anniversary update and stick with it until Microsoft sort this mess out.

  77. Same issue with my Nvidia GPU (1080ti). Three fresh installs of the Creators update did not resolve the issue. I re-downloaded the Anniversary update ISO and reverted, I have had no issues since. Initially I was panicking too, thought my GPU was broken. Microsoft need to sort this crap out.

  78. This depends on your computer hardware. I have two computers, one runs the Creators update seamlessly, the other had to be reverted to the Anniversary update (even after three fresh installations).

  79. On the lock screen I can no longer login with face recognition. I just get a message “your credentials could not be verified” PIN doesn’t work either. Only my password works. I’ve gone into the settings and redone the face recognition and taken more pictures but it still will not work. If I manually tell it to use face recognition it says PIN must be used. But of corse the PIN won’t work, just the password

  80. I know this is probably a silly question, but have you tried resetting your PIN? Also make sure the account has been verified post update. If it doesn’t show your account as being verified, verify it again and restart the system (full restart, not log off and on again).

  81. Yes I reset all the credential passwords and pin. Nothing worked. Then I saw the option to use local credentials instead of MS credentials I set that up again and that worked

  82. OK. Can you now switch back to the MS Account and get it working OK, or have you done that already?

    The issue with the Local Account is that nothing is synced so if you reinstall and then sign in to your MS Account it will go back to what you had previously (i.e. what you had before using the Local Account), which isn’t really what you want.

  83. I have never used a Microsoft account so it never crossed my mind to do that. I absolutely need this computer to stay disconnected? and non reliant on the internet

  84. I need some help. I had a very unexpected update to Windows 10 (out of my control) – while I was downloading a game – and after the update to W10 it boots up to the log in screen, and after signing in and a lengthy wait process, it greets me with a black screen and my mouse pointer for eternity. The big problem with this is that I cannot reset ANYTHING – I tried resetting the PC through the Shift+Restart option, I tried Safe Mode but I don’t really know what to do within it. Safe Mode works just fine though. Any help?

  85. Once you get into safe mode, go to Settings -> Update & Security -> Recovery -> Advanced Start-up -> Restart now. Then this will take you to the blue screen at boot and somewhere (I cannot remember exactly) there will be an option to go back to the previous version.

  86. Yesterday morning got a notice to update preferences for CU update. Restarted got notice it would be downloaded and installed, asked for future time at night as I wanted to use my desktop, shut down. Turned on to 0xe000000f error, winload.exe was corrupt or missing, had to format and reinstall using my Windows 7 disk, which likely means I’ll have to fork over money to reinstall Windows 10. Lost all of my files (my fault for not backing up, I guess) Thanks, Microsoft.

  87. If you originally upgraded to Windows 10 during the free update stage you won’t have to pay for it as activation “remembers” PCs that used that option. Simply carry out a clean install and when it asks for a Windows Key click the link that says you don’t have one and, provided the upgrade was carried out legitimately, it will automatically activate without having to do anything.

  88. Start menu has been completely reconfigured and does not seem to point to the AppData folder where menu programs were previously stored. I can pin items to Start, but their location is preceded by a “W-“, so clicking on the link has no effect.

    I also had issues with my IDT audio driver, but reinstalling an earlier driver solved that problem.

  89. Why doesn’t Microsoft simply issue a fix? Surely, they realize the threat with not have a restore option. What am I missing?

  90. v1703 installed smoothly, but then the entire AutoCAD LT 2014 program would close whenever trying to execute the Move command or even just close one of several opened .dwg files. Uninstalled v1703 and AutoCAD went back to normal operation.

  91. Hi,

    A users AUTOCAD 2015 freezes when he do something and just pressing control + alt + delete would bring it to normal. I installed AUTOCAD 2017 n still he faces the same issue. He’s presently running creastors update 1703 previously he was using 1702 i believe. What is the solution for this?

  92. Did a windows 10 creators update on a Surface 4 Pro and lost all work (files) since the initial install date (January). Horrors!!!!

  93. Got the creators update. Last night to download about 2 hr.and 2.5 hr to install win 10 enterprise
    No problems!

  94. Creators update also removes the previewers for WAV files in Outlook. For those of us that get our voicemail as email attachments, having the WAV previewer available was great. Now it’s gone. Have not seen any fixes anywhere.

  95. I am having the same issues on both of our older Desktop Computers. Both are set up to dual boot Windows 10 Home and Pro but on one of the Desktops the “Home” Partition continues to work OK after the #1703 Feature Upgrade and the “Pro” Partition gets “Inaccessible Boot Device”. With the other Desktop Computer the “Home” partition won’t boot, I lost my Bootloader Menu and all I get is the Blue Screen of Death saying “Inaccessible Boot Device”. I have tried all of the methods I found on the “Net” to try and fix the issue to no avail. I attributed one of the failures on our Dell Studio XPS 8100 to the fact that it’s BIOS doesn’t have an AHCI mode….Just ATA and RAID. It was originally set up in RAID0 mode and it was working just fine in dual boot until this darn Creator upgrade. The other HP Pavilion Desktop has SATA and AHCI Modes in the BIOS yet it still failed in the “Home” partition after the Creator Upgrade. SMH 🙁

  96. PC: Intel i7 4770K, MSI Z87-G41 PC Mate (AHCI hotswap in use). Have pre Creator HD clones to fall back on if fixes fail!

    After the Creators update I hit the following:


    In printers that are left working the paper sizes and settings are altered. Set the default printer again.Some printers are no longer shown in “Devices and Printers”

    On attempting to re-install the printer drivers the “Uninstaller” will find that printers are installed and active, but not shown in “Devices and Printers”. The install wizard still was able to uninstall & re-install the printers.
    Brother HL-L2340DW Laser OK and picks up OK after Windows “Sleep” for the printer “Deep Sleep”. Brother MFC-J6520DW needed complete re-installation (with the scanning software) – twice to re-establish the USB port.


    Printer monitoring software now missing. Attempting to re-install the printer monitors I found that printers are installed but not shown in “Devices and Printers”. They may even be running in the background but not functioning.
    Epson Stylus Pro 3800 printer: The Epson LFP Remote Panel became unable to find the
    Epson printer. This LFP program is only available from the Epson printer installation CD, and does not appear on the Epson websites and so is years old. It installs as a 32bit program but worked fine in Windows 10 x64 pre Creator.
    Problem solved by using a different USB port, but if the PC sleeps then the communication is lost, but is restored by restarting the printer (wastes ink). It looks like the Creator update has a USB connection continuity problem.


    Windows Power Plans no longer working:

    Microsoft Ref:

    This worked for me:

    First, go to:

    Change CsEnabled from 1 to 0 and reboot.


    Windows Desktop layout unstable:

    The dektop layout of account changes each time you log in.

    Fix: Install the useful “DesktopOK” free utility that enables the layout to be saved and then



    Desktop icon for the full printer list now missing:

    If you have used the registry edit to get a full list of printers (including showing multiple drivers for a printer such as PCL6 and Postscript), then it will have been removed.
    Re-edit the Registry to restore this useful desktop iconed folder, as follows:


    Right click on NameSpace and choose
    ‘New Key’

    Name the key: {2227a280-3aea-1069-a2de-08002b30309d} …be sure to include the {brackets}

    In the right pane, edit the value of ‘Default’ and change it to ‘Printers’

    Logout and in again to enable it.

    ——————————-Bound to hit more I think——————————————

  97. My HUAWEI E3372 4G USB Modem does not work after upgrade. I receive “Error 633: Modem is in use or not configured properly” when trying to connect/DialUp to the internet.

  98. Ever since the auto update 1703 my Chrome freezes when I open more than one tab.I have to restart the computer to get Chrome to unfreeze. It is also painfully slow in Chrome and even offline. When is a fix coming out because I really don’t want to have to rollback and reinstall all my software!

  99. My problem is different. I no longer get the search results I used to get in my fil folder. I used to put in something like 2 psd and it would come up with every psd file with the number 2. Now it just shows me a zip file that has no 2 or psd in its name

  100. My computer does not start correctly after the latest update, Windows 10. Getting a black HP screen and have to power down using the power button and restart every time. Thank you very much Micro-soft brains.

  101. I have a small network of 4 client PCs and a server, all running Windows 10. 2 of them updated to the Creators update. Afterwards when they connected to SQL Server some (not all) of the queries were extremely slow, like minutes, but would eventually run. The non-updated client PCs were fine with all SQL Queries. I rolled back the PCs that had the Creators Update to the previous version and now all SQL Queries run fast again. This is the strangest error I’ve seen in 20+ years.

  102. My computer does not work any more after the latest update of Windows 10. I read the instructions on internet, but none are helpfull, because simply all necessary files or commands are no longer on my computer. ALL MY OLD RESTORE POINTS ARE REMOVED, I DO NOT HAVE A HISTORY. My USB ports do not function properly. My menu screen has disapperared after clicking on START. My AUTOCAD program works for 5 minutes, thereafter it tells me that my memory is full (I have 32GB of RAM and 2TB of harddrive and 500GB SSD). My Dutch spellchecker was diappeared from Word, Excel and PowerPoint. My computer is slow, to be short I am unable to use my computer. WORSE I AM UNABLE TO RESTORE MY COMPUTER BECAUSE MANY PROGRAMS SIMPLY ARE NO LONGER ON MY COMPUTER.
    SINCE I UPGRADE FROM WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE TO WINDOWS 10 PRO, I CANNOT RECOVER. It seems to me that Microsoft is forcing me to buy a new pricy new version of Windows 10 Pro and to install all my programs again which will take me over 36 hours of installation. It seems to be that Microsoft is very uncapable to build working and good software and doing a lot of damage to their customers. All my drivers are up-to-date (Drive Booster). Many times ALT-CTRL-DEL does not work any more. Sometimes after clicking on START the switch off computer does not appear. All my games are removed.
    On start up it goes to ENG for the keyboard, never mind that I it must be POR PTB2, every time I start up I need to reset it manually to POR PTB2.
    So who is going to pay for my damage ???

  103. Just updated my laptop to build 1703… Freezes on startup and now I hear a click. Ruined my laptop!

  104. I had no choice. Windows said there was an update that needed installing. It rebooted and some 20-30 minutes later it came up, telling me about all of its wonderful new features.

    Now the laptop runs at 100%, that is, if it completes a boot. The display has little blotches on it, sort of like looking through a player piano roll. At times it comes up fine and runs well but the next reboot brings up the distorted screen, the very slow boot, and the 100% CPU utilization. In short, Microsoft has destroyed was a sweet running laptop.

    I can roll back to the prior version, assuming there was a checkpoint created that works. Many of them do not. The problem is the user will likely have their laptop updated again, at which point it will be trashed and I will be summoned to fix it.

    Windows 10 works rather well when it works. The problem is that when it does not work I get nothing done for 15 minutes to a few hours every time. I really miss the days when I could fire up my computer and actually use it.

  105. I did not have a choice to update. I was advised that updates needed to be installed. I was not told that it was essentially a new O/S, or that it would take hours to complete, or that my default privacy settings would be trashed.

    Mercifully it did not re-activate Cortana or force Edge and Bing back into positions of prominence. Even so, I have a trashed machine that I cannot rely on to boot properly.

    This laptop was ready to be delivered to the user next week. It looks as if I will be spending my weekend fixing computers instead of just using them. That seems to be the norm with Windows. I really wish I could just fire up the machine and get to work without waiting through an ever-increasing number of updates or having to fix what managed to get broken.

  106. It is now five months after you posted this. Microsoft installed the Creator’s edition without warning and now the laptop that was working rather well will not boot reliably, it performs horribly, and the video had black flecks through it. And once in a while it works perfectly, at least, until the next reboot.

  107. I shut down and installed the windows 10 fall creators update last night, and my motherboard appears to be bricked now. Fans spin up, but I have no asus splash screen, no video of any kind, from either the video card or onboard hdmi header. It’s as if the update corrupted my bios. Mobo is an Asus p8z77-v lx, processor is an Intel i5 3570. I’ve pulled all hardware, ram, etc, no combination gets me even an attempt to post. Ugh.

  108. Had kb4043961 auto installed last week, has caused chaos for my HP pc. All files, pictures & music missing- found in c drive after much googling. Had to copy & paste back. All chrome bookmarks gone- had lots for my study- think I’ve found them in c drive too ( but maybe chrome history instead not sure) but can not restore them. And now found that Outlook 2016 doesn’t gave any content in my address book & haven’t a clue how to get those back if I can. I don’t use iCloud which I think might have helped. For people like me who know very little about computers I think it’s appalling that Microsoft do this & im left with a huge bill to find someone who can help me out! On top of that the last few days the the pc just restarts of its own accord in the middle of googling how to solve these problems. Think the way forward will be Apple instead!

    Sent from my iPhone

  109. after i update this .. i got freeze , some times my mouse pointer gone, my sound has cross red but i still can hear music, long start up after reboot or shutdown and my app some times so lag.. deffrent when before i update this..

  110. I would say don’t install windows 10 at all. Stay with Windows 8.1 or 7. Windows 10 is 100% BUG operation system. It’s still beta.

  111. My Task bar is not working, the computer take at least 20x the time to startup, win menu don’t open, it take at least 90-120 sec to open a window… my laptop is a Acer Aspire E15 4GB RAM 750MB HD free

  112. I Lost my Sound Capabilities after upgrading windows 10 Pro , and I had to Rollback to latest version that I had

  113. After update Windows does not recognize dvd/cd-rw. Not listed in device manager anymore. It is in bios yet. Tried all fixes I found at Microsoft and community, still no dvd/cd. I even reset it and it still won’t recognize it.

  114. Those of us with the Windows 10 Home version don’t have a choice to install the Creators Update. I tried everything I was told to try to prevent it. 1. I put my computer on a metered network, even though it wasn’t. 2. I changed the active hours every few hours. 3. I even STOPPED the windows update service in administrative services. This update is as aggressive as any VIRUS I have ever seen. Microsoft would still download and install the Windows Update installer several times a day. I would keep deleting it. But every time I would restart my computer, that damn update would start right in again. After FOUR times of reverting my computer back to the previous build, which worked fine, I finally gave up.

    I know have so many bugs. Cortana doesn’t work properly anymore, and she goes full screen, which is undersirable. I’ve had to close her search bar to get rid of the glaring white bar on a dark tab, which is distracting. Half the time she tells me she either can’t connect to the Internet or she’s “feeling funky” and to “try again later.”

    All my apps when I open them won’t open. I have to open them, see a blank screen – whether it’s news, facebook, twitter, or the weather or whatever – then close them, and reopen them. This is also true for settings. I have to open, get a blank, unresponsive screen, close them, and then open them a second time, when they finally work.

    This is the worst damn update EVER. Microsoft should give home users the same option to wait to download and install as they give the pro version users. This really sucks.

  115. My pc auto updated when I ran to the store last night, was working fine when I left. Now it doesn’t work at all!! ? Turns on, windows logo comes up, then “restarting” over and over again. I have no idea what to do and Microsoft has hung up on me twice now….?? Kelly

  116. so the creators update messed up my computer and I went back to a restore point. Now I have set metered connection Will they try to override? I don’t want or need this update.

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