Windows 10 April 2018 Update problems and issues


  1. The Timeline fix is not working for me. Timeline will work for a while after rebooting and then will stop doing anything (yes, I’m using a Microsoft account, and yes, all applicable options are set).

  2. Installed Windows 10 April 2018 Update after downloading iso file using usb stick. The installation was smooth. On restarting the PC there was only black screen. Tried several times restarting but the machine refused to start. Finding no option I was forced to roll back the Windows.

  3. On a clean install, local account, Windows 10 1803 doesn’t let me permanently change the start menu. I uninstall Candy Crush and similar crap, remove other utilities like Photos from the start menu and add some new apps that I installed. Then once I log out and back in the start menu is reset. Nothing I added is there and everything I removed it back.

  4. I’m screwed!

    I get the usual ‘Sign-in’ window, then it goes to a white screen with text re: Cortana explanations/options… and that annoying voice telling me how great the experience will be.

    WTF do I do now?

  5. My PC worked find all day previously to the latest update (reluctantly took because one other program wouldn’t work without the recent files) Now, I get the Bad password loop. I have done all the user helps that could be found searching online. I can’t get to command prompt because I can’t sign in. I can’t use safe mode for the same reason. I know I can wipe the files and start new, but I am very reluctant to do so. I made a boot disk from another Window 10 PC. It didn’t help. I am thinking the update didn’t finish because it doesn’t have the option for the pin or the Microsoft account.

  6. I upgraded 3 laptops and 1 desktop, three laptops seem working fine and the upgrade went w/o a glitch. However, I had so many issues with my desktop. This is 21 times and still fail to upgrade. Issue is database corruption with different error codes each time. I did try all methods that people suggested including fresh install from USB. I might have to live with 1709 build on this desktop.

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