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Window Detective lets you spy on your applications windows

Window Detective is a great free tool for Windows OS, which programmers can use to spy on their applications, view and even modify their custom properties according to different scenarios.

Window Detective

One of the most important use cases of Windows Detective is to force program windows to open in custom dimensions and a custom location on the screen each time the program is loaded. This helps the programmer handle the actions that your applications make.

These are some of the key features of Window Detective that make it a useful tool while modifying app tasks.

Window Detective is a program that needs to have an installer run on the device before it is installed. The installer is based on Visual C++ Redistributable 2010, which will be installed automatically if not already on the system. Selecting the ‘Run As Administrator’ option is necessary for allowing this app to install on your PC.

It has a rather stock appearance, with all windows available on the right sidebar. The windows get expanded to the right panel when you click them. You can also change the view mode to make it a lot easier to find the window that you want to inspect and customize.

Right-clicking on any of the options on the left will give you multiple options discussed below.

  1. View Properties – Displays window parameters such as the dimensions, position, size, supported styles, scrolling information and other settings you need to adjust parameters.
  2. Edit Properties – Opening up the properties settings, you can use it to set custom window dimensions, positions, or size, to set the window to visible/invisible, enabled, or always on top, or change the window text.
  3. Edit Window Styles – Enables you to add or remove window styles from the selected window. Styles allow you to add or remove borders, scrollbars, or various other properties of the selected window.

Window Detective is a unique, specialized product that serves a purpose for developers, programmers and users alike. Developers and programmers can inspect the behavior of all programs running on the machine and users can customize parameters, size, and position according to their needs. It is available for download at